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1 Tô Bún Bò Bao Nhiêu Calo? Cách Ăn Bún Bò Không Lo Béo

1 bow How many calories in beef noodle soup? This is the question of many women who are passionate about this dish but are afraid of being fat. Bun bo, especially Hue beef noodle soup, is always famous everywhere because of its attractive and irresistible deliciousness.

So how many calories in a bowl of beef noodle soup, is it fat to eat beef noodle soup? The following article will help you refer to the complete set of information surrounding the owner of beef noodle soup with how many calories. Please read it all!

1. What is beef noodle soup – Learn about Vietnam’s “specialty” beef noodle soup

Hue beef noodle soup – the pride of Vietnamese cuisine

Before wanting to know How many calories in beef noodle soup?Let’s learn about this wonderful hidden food. Bun bo is not only a specialty of Hue tourism but also a dish bearing the “national soul” of Vietnamese cuisine. Therefore, visitors can easily find shops selling Bun Bo Hue throughout the S-shaped land.

Although the ingredients are simple, the skillful hands of Hue people have made a dish with a typical ancient capital flavor. Talking about the characteristics of Hue cuisine, one cannot help but mention the spicy taste. Bun Bo Hue bowl has the red color of chili, spicy to the point of tears that everyone has to say because it’s delicious.

This is why Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef and the main character of the culinary discovery series “Anthony Bourdain” aired on the American television channel CNN. He once had to say: “Bun Bo Hue is the best soup in the world that I have ever eaten”.

How many calories in beef noodle soup?

Beef noodle soup is the pride of Vietnamese cuisine

Southern beef noodle soup – a unique culinary feature you should not miss

In addition, we also have Southern beef noodle soup. The reason for its name is that this dish originated from Southern Street, now Le Duan Street (Hanoi). The original name was mixed beef noodles, over time, people used to call it steamed buns on Nanbo street, also known as Southern beef noodle soup.

When eating, we will feel all the ingredients in the bowl blending together, the rich sweetness of the dipping sauce, the cool taste of vegetables and bean sprouts and most importantly, the softness, chewiness and sweetness of the beef. cooked. White noodles.

Nam Bao beef noodle soup is a cool dish, suitable for the hot summer in Hanoi. Visitors to the capital should not ignore this specialty dish, once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

2. What are the ingredients of beef noodle soup – how many calories are in beef noodle soup?

Ingredients of Hue beef noodle soup

Basically, Bun Bo Hue is like a very famous Vietnamese dish, which is Pho. Includes a bowl of broth, meat, spices, vermicelli or rice noodle soup. However, the stalks of pho are usually soft and thin, while the stalks of beef noodles are stiffer and tougher.

The broth of Bun Bo Hue is different. This is the secret of the delicate combination of bone broth, fish sauce (a type of shrimp paste typical of Hue), fresh lemongrass, red chili… If too much salt is added, the broth will have a fishy smell. Too much lemongrass juice will burn… In short, everything must be just right.

Ingredients of Nam Bo beef noodle soup

How many calories in beef noodle soup?

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What are the ingredients of beef noodle soup?

The most important ingredient of Bun Bo Nam Bo is beef. Butt meat is favored by its toughness, firmness and sweetness.

Cooked beef in a bowl with raw vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, coriander, bean sprouts mixed with vermicelli, fried onions, roasted peanuts, and dipping sauce. The dipping sauce consists of fish sauce and filtered water, chili, garlic, chopped papaya, seasoned with a little sugar and lemon.

What are the ingredients of Northern Beef Noodle Soup?

The biggest difference between steamed buns in Hue and Hanoi is the ingredients and seasoning. The beef noodle soup in Hanoi is often stewed with beef bones and beef tendons for sweetness, while Hue people use pork intestines and pig’s feet. The ingredients for a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup such as beef, blood and vermicelli are usually smaller than the usual bowls of vermicelli in Hanoi.

3. Nutritional ingredients in 1 bowl of beef noodle soup

Many of you often wonder, what nutrients does a bowl of beef noodle soup provide us with? How much protein in 1 bowl of beef noodle soup? Is there fiber in beef noodle soup?

According to the nutritional composition table of Vietnamese breakfast foods, in 1 bowl of beef noodle soup will provide the body with 30.6g of fat, 56.4g of sugar, 30.2g of protein and 2.76g of fiber. Thus, it can be seen that beef noodle soup provides our body with most of the necessary nutrient groups.

So how many calories in beef noodle soup?

4. How many calories in beef noodle soup?

After calculating how many calories in beef noodle soup as well as the amount of nutrients in each ingredient, we will know if eating beef noodle soup is fat. As usual, a medium-sized bowl of Hue beef noodle soup will be made with about 150g of vermicelli along with 100g of corn, 50g of water spinach, 50g of onions, a few slices of pineapple and broth.

Thus, based on the above analysis, 1 bowl of beef noodle soup will have 165 calories of vermicelli + 224 calories of beef + 15 calories of water spinach + 20 calories of onion and pineapple + 110 calories of pork bone broth = 534 calories.

These are all the basic ingredients needed in a regular bowl of beef noodle soup. From calculating the number of calories in each of the above ingredients, we can give a specific number of calories in a bowl of beef noodle soup, which will fall to about 534 calories.

However, we should also know that not all bowls of beef noodle soup have the same number of calories. Because during the processing process, restaurants or eateries will have a shift in ingredients as well as spices processed according to their own secrets and recipes to help a bowl of beef noodle become more special and delicious. than. For example, Hue beef noodle soup sold in the South will have a slightly changed flavor to suit the Southern people. Therefore, 534 is not always the answer to the question How many calories in beef noodle soup?.

How many calories in beef noodle soup?

How many calories in beef noodle soup?

5. Does eating beef noodle soup make you fat?

For those who are “believers”, addicted to eating beef noodle soup as well as those who have been having a hard time giving up this dish but intend to lose weight, building a reasonable diet will be very confused when they want to eat beef noodle soup.

According to studies, it has been shown that on average a woman will need about 1300 calories and a man will need up to 1650 calories a day to stay alive. Therefore, if the amount of calories you consume in a day exceeds the above threshold, the body will gain weight, especially for individuals with a good ability to absorb nutrients.

The fact that you consume up to 534 calories for one meal, but in return, you know how to limit the amount of food at other times of the day will help reduce the risk of weight gain. On the contrary, if you eat too much noodle soup during the day and even during the week, it may be the main cause of overweight.

From here, we can give the answer to the question “Do you eat beef noodle soup with fat?”. If you consume all 534 calories of a bowl of beef noodle soup every day along with countless calorie-rich foods and inactivity, you will definitely be fat.

6. How to cook low-fat beef noodle soup

Ingredients you need to prepare to make low-fat beef noodle soup

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How many calories in beef noodle soup?

How to cook low-fat beef vermicelli

– Beef: 500g

– Beef tendon: 3 ounces

– Nails, ham: 1 pc (first choose ham)

– Tubular bone (pork or beef): 500g.

– Hue fish sauce (fish sauce)

– Spices: lemongrass, ginger, chives, garlic, paprika, seasoning powder, sugar, cashew oil.

– Noodles: 400g

– Raw vegetables (bean sprouts, cilantro, cilantro, fresh onions, sliced ​​banana flowers)

– You can also prepare more spring rolls, spring rolls, crab cakes, pork blood

How to make low-fat beef noodle soup – how many calories are in beef noodle soup?

The steps are as follows:

– Pork legs, beef bones and beef in a pot, add lemongrass and finely chopped scallions, add water and simmer for 1-2 hours.

– Beef in Bun Bo Hue should not be overcooked, it will lose its quality, if it is too young, it will be very hard. After 30 minutes, check if the beef is tender enough, take out the beef and keep it separate, continue to simmer the pork leg and beef bones.

– Cook on low heat, then add chopped dried onions and betel nut, to make Hue beef noodle more fragrant and enough time for sweetness from the bones.

– Remember to add water when stewing the bones, absolutely do not add cold water because so the bone broth will not be sweet and the water must be boiled.

– After the water boils, add a little salt, cook on high heat, start skimming and frothing yellow. Cook until the pot of Bun Bo Hue contains almost 1/3 of the water. Cook for a long time but the water will thicken and there is no need to use Hue Beef Noodles Seasoning Powder.

In a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of fish sauce to a little cold water. Stir well and then let the residue settle, then drain the clean water of this fish sauce and put it in the pot. Add fish sauce, sugar, rock sugar and a little MSG into the pot.

– Before that, you fry minced lemongrass with cooking oil, drain the oil, heat it. Then add color to Hue beef noodle pot to get color.

This beef noodle dish is not afraid of how many calories there are in beef noodle soup. You can try doing it and entertaining the family.

7. How to enjoy beef noodle soup without worrying about getting fat

Eat smart beef noodle soup so you don’t worry about getting fat

  • The nutrition literature has proven that eating fresh noodles can help you control your weight without worrying about gaining weight. It is also very effective in supporting weight loss. When eating fresh vermicelli or beef vermicelli, do not eat too many foods containing a lot of sugar, fat and starch. Instead, you should eat fresh vermicelli, adding vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of fiber to help provide enough nutrients to help lose weight.
  • Nutritionists believe that, due to the characteristics and composition of vermicelli, noodles should only be eaten for breakfast or a snack. Also reduce the amount in the main meal to avoid too many calories.
  • Eating vermicelli in the evening will make you gassy and bloated. If you don’t use up all the energy, you will accumulate excess fat, causing belly fat and weight gain. Therefore, to ensure health and prevent weight gain, you should eat beef noodle soup 2-3 breakfasts/week.

How many calories in beef noodle soup?

How to eat beef noodle soup without worrying about getting fat?

Note when eating beef noodles

Strictly speaking, vermicelli in general and vermicelli in particular are foods containing a lot of starch and calories, so it is easy to gain weight. You do not worry about getting fat when eating beef noodles, you need to pay attention to a few important things:

  • People with diseases of the stomach and large intestine should not eat too much, it will adversely affect the digestive tract.
  • When preparing vermicelli to lose weight, you should limit the use of spices that can cause a lot of calories and indigestion.

Through the above article, hope you know How many calories in beef noodle soup?. Eating bun bo is fat or not depends a lot on the amount of other calories you consume during the day. Not only that, you also have to work hard to exercise and do sports to not get fat. With just a treadmill or a home exercise bike of Elipsport, you can freely eat beef noodle soup without worrying about getting fat. It can be said that, with the famous sports brand Elipsport, nothing is impossible! If you have a need to refer to more interesting news, attractive promotions along with products at super bargain prices, do not hesitate to visit In addition, you can contact hotline 1800 6854 to see our counselor. Wish you always have a strong health with great warrior spirit!

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Frequently asked questions

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If you add up the most necessary ingredients, the beef noodle soup is about 534 calories.

If you only eat 1 bowl a week, beef noodle soup will not cause fat.

No, beef noodle soup has 534 calories and pho with cooked beef has 456 calories.

You should not eat beef noodles in the evening to avoid being afraid of fat!

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