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Water spinach is one of the familiar vegetables in Vietnamese family meals. However, eat water spinach to lose weight is it true not everyone knows. To know if eating water spinach can help you lose weight, you can refer to the information below.

Water spinach is a vegetable that contains vitamins A, B, C, calcium, phosphorus, nutrients and especially rich iron content, suitable for people with iron deficiency, who want to supplement iron. . This is also a vegetable that can be processed into many delicious dishes such as: Stir-fried morning glory with garlic, water morning glory soup, spinach squeeze salad, …. These dishes are very familiar in the Vietnamese rice tray. know eat water spinach to lose weight nice weight gain will help you balance the most appropriate nutritional diet.

1. Eat water spinach to lose weight?

eat water spinach to lose weight

Water spinach is one of the familiar dishes of Vietnamese people

Water spinach is one of the popular vegetables in Vietnam, it is quite cheap in price, easy to eat, delicious and can be processed into many attractive dishes. To know if eating water spinach can help you lose weight, you need to know the nutritional value of this vegetable.

Nutrition in 100g water spinach contains 78.2g water, 85mg calcium, 31.5mg phosphorus, 20g vitamin C and a small amount of protein (3.2%), iron, vitamin B1, B2, PP, protein, acid lactic….

The average adult needs 2,000 calories to maintain body activities such as breathing, heart beat, and working limbs.

Based on the nutritional value, the calories are only 25 calories in water spinach, we can conclude that this is a good support vegetable for weight loss when the water content is high, does not contain fat and very little protein. For those who want to lose weight, water spinach can be processed into healthy delicious dishes such as boiled water spinach, water spinach salad.

In addition to the effect of weight loss, water spinach is also used to clear heat and detoxify very well. Dishes from water spinach are used to cool down in the summer, even to reduce fever and relieve cold effectively.

However, if you only eat water spinach to lose weight, you will face the risk of lack of nutrients, malnutrition and body weakness. So how to lose weight healthy?

2. Benefits of eating water spinach

eat water spinach to lose weight

Water spinach brings many good benefits to the body

Water spinach brings many good benefits to the human body including:

3. Weight loss dishes from water spinach

Water spinach is an easy-to-find, easy-to-buy food with high nutrient content compared to many other vegetables and fruits. Water spinach is chosen by many women as an effective weight loss food.

eat water spinach to lose weight

Eating water spinach helps to lose weight safely and healthily

To help the weight loss menu be rich and attractive, alternately change the way to prepare dishes from water spinach with the following suggestions:

4. What should be noted when eating water spinach to lose weight?

Although water spinach is a nutritious, cool, and healthy food, not everyone who eats it will get good results. For some subjects, eating water spinach is not only ineffective but also harmful to health. The following people should not eat water spinach:

In addition, when choosing to buy water spinach, you need to find clean water spinach. On the market today, there are a large number of water spinach contaminated with lead, heavy chemicals, contaminated oil … extremely harmful to the body.

In the process of preparing stir-fried morning glory with ingredients, you absolutely do not use animal fat or vegetable oil. To make the most of your weight loss menu, it is best to use cooking oils with good fats such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, etc.

eat water spinach to lose weight

You should choose to buy clean water spinach to ensure your health

Finally, you should choose to buy organic water spinach sold at establishments that ensure food safety and hygiene. A small trick to check is to soak water spinach in water. If the vegetable has a slime, it is a chemically contaminated vegetable and should not be eaten.

5. How to lose weight safely and healthily

5.1. Nutrition

Sugar and starch are one of the factors that make you gain weight quickly. To lose weight safely and healthily all you need to do is to cut down on the amount of sugar and refined starches in your diet to help you curb your appetite and lower your insulin levels and help you lose weight.

However, you should not completely eliminate starch from your diet. Because the lack of starch will cause you to have some liver diseases, hair loss and dry skin. Instead of using refined starches that are easily absorbed and metabolized, you can choose starches that help you feel fuller longer such as: brown rice, barley, rye bread, etc. To provide adequate nutrients for your body. Your body can use foods that are high in protein but low in calories such as chicken breast, beef…

You also need to provide your body with an adequate amount of fiber for a healthy digestive system. At the same time, foods that are high in fiber are often low in calories. You can eat full of foods like green vegetables, low-calorie fruits like watermelon, cucumber, kiwi to lose weight healthy and safe.

5.2. Practice sports

eat water spinach to lose weight

Exercise helps you improve your health

To lose weight, you need to exercise. Exercise will help burn excess calories in the body thereby losing weight quickly. Here are some sports that help lose weight effectively.

These are sports that not only quickly burn excess fat to help you get a toned body. This is also a sport that helps improve health and prevent diseases effectively.

Here is the answer to the question eat water spinach to lose weight no and how to lose weight safely and healthy. You can rely on this information in combination with using a treadmill, exercise bike at home to lose weight quickly.

Everyone knows, to gain weight in the safest way, it is necessary to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the factors that helps to live a healthier life is daily exercise. Now, this has become easy with the help of home exercise equipment such as Elipsport electric treadmill, exercise bike. Besides, combined with a massage chair every night to help you fall asleep easier and sleep deeper, your health and weight will improve significantly!

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Frequently asked questions

In 100g water spinach contains 25 calories, 90% of the ingredients are water, high calcium and fiber content. Water spinach is one of the rare vegetables containing high calcium and protein to support effective weight loss.

The amount of calories in 100g water spinach is only 25 calories, in addition, water spinach is rich in fiber to help you eat a lot without gaining weight.

To eat water spinach to lose weight, you should process water spinach into dishes that do not contain much fat such as boiled water spinach, water spinach salad.

Eating water spinach is very good for health, helping to reduce cholesterol, supporting the treatment of anemia, preventing diabetes, protecting heart health, treating jaundice and liver problems,…. Preventing cancer letter … Treatment of indigestion and constipation. … Help bright eyes healthy.

People who have just undergone surgery should not eat water spinach to avoid keloids, people with gout, kidney stones, people who are using drugs

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