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Children are the crystallization of their parents’ happiness. However, in that joy there are also worries and fluctuations that a woman must overcome. Including leg swelling. Then Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling??

One of the most common changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy is swelling of the hands and feet. Depending on the position and size of the fetus, the mother’s body, the edema will occur sooner or later, more or less, more or less. For women who are pregnant for the first time, when they encounter this situation, they will be quite confused Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?. The following article will help pregnant women answer this question in detail.

1. When does leg edema in pregnant women occur?

Leg swelling in pregnant women quite popular. This is a normal physiological phenomenon in pregnant women and can occur at any time during pregnancy depending on the location of each woman. However, it usually happens in the last month of pregnancy. Because at this stage, the volume of the fetus is growing larger and occupying many places in the mother’s abdominal cavity, the large weight puts great pressure on the lower veins, making it difficult for blood to circulate, leading to edema.

Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?

Pregnant women with swollen feet at any stage of pregnancy

The most obvious manifestation of leg edema of pregnant women is from the ankle down, the feet are swollen and edematous. Although it does not cause pain, it makes pregnant women uncomfortable and inconvenient in daily activities. In women, especially those who are pregnant for the first time, venous insufficiency can lead to severe, swollen legs. Varicose veins of the lower extremities are associated with increased blood flow and hormone levels 100 times higher than normal.

2. Is leg swelling in pregnant women a sign of impending birth?

Leg swelling can appear at any time during pregnancy. Depending on the location, the mother will meet at different times. However, this condition usually appears in the third trimester, the last 3 months of pregnancy.

If the mother has swollen feet in the 9th month of pregnancy, this is also considered a warning sign that the mother is about to give birth. To be more sure, you also need to observe if your body has these symptoms accompanied by:

Pregnant women should periodically monitor the changes in their body and go to the doctor immediately if they detect any unusual symptoms.

3. Causes of swollen feet during pregnancy

To know Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?Pregnant women should pay attention to the cause of this phenomenon. There are 3 main reasons leading to leg swelling during pregnancy: Changes in blood, obstruction of blood flow to the heart, endocrine disorders.

Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?

Wearing high heels can also be the cause of swollen feet in pregnant women

4. Is it okay for pregnant women to have swollen feet?

Is it okay for pregnant women to have swollen feet?? Normally, this phenomenon does not cause much harm to the mother’s health and can disappear after giving birth. When pregnant women have swollen feet, the first feeling is that the exercise is uncomfortable, creating greater working pressure for the kidneys. In the body, the kidneys are responsible for filtering and excreting fluids. If fluid levels increase, the kidneys need to work harder to process that fluid and keep other parts of the body hydrated.

Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?

Swollen feet can be a sign of some dangerous diseases

On the other hand, with leg edema, the circulation and circulation of blood in the legs to the heart is inefficient, affecting the activity of the heart. In some cases during the second trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman has swollen feet that can be a sign of preeclampsia. This is a condition that can threaten the life of the mother and the fetus if not treated promptly, so pregnant women need special attention.

Is it dangerous for pregnant women to have leg swelling? The answer is yes. When detecting the body has the following signs, pregnant women should go to the hospital to check immediately: Sudden swelling of the face, hands and feet; severe headache; dizziness when standing up or sitting down, seeing everything around is bright or blurred; high blood pressure; vomiting; rib pain; one of the legs is swollen more than the other and the calf or thigh feels sore.

5. How to distinguish foot edema due to physiological and dangerous leg edema

Swollen feet during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon that pregnant women often encounter. However, this can also be a warning symptom of some dangerous diseases. Pregnant women should understand the following signs to distinguish and visit a doctor promptly as soon as they notice them.

Physiological foot edema:

Abnormal leg swelling:

Edema can be a warning sign that the mother has complications of preeclampsia, which can be fatal for both mother and baby.

Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?

Pregnant women should see a doctor if their leg swelling is getting worse

6. What should pregnant women do when they have leg swelling?

To reduce leg swelling during pregnancy, pregnant women should apply the following body care and lifestyle changes recommended by the obstetrician:

Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling?

Soaking feet before sleeping also helps pregnant women overcome foot edema

Problem Is it okay if pregnant women have leg swelling? has been answered. Leg swelling in late pregnancy may not be dangerous or a sign of preeclampsia. Therefore, pregnant women need regular check-ups to ensure that their bodies and babies are healthy. See more useful information for mothers and babies at the website Elipsport brand.

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Frequently asked questions

Compared with previous months, the phenomenon of leg swelling in the last month of pregnancy is more common. Edema in the limbs in the last month of pregnancy is more common than in previous months, this time coincides with the time when the pregnant woman is about to go into labor, so if accompanied by signs of impending delivery such as bleeding, rupture of membranes, frequency The frequency of lower abdominal contractions appearing more, frequent diarrhea, lower abdomen, enlarged pelvis should be noted.

Swollen feet can be normal or can be a sign of some dangerous disease, so pregnant women need to see a doctor for detailed advice.

Pregnant women should lie on the left side when sleeping, limit standing for too long, regularly massage and exercise the feet, wear comfortable shoes, limit wearing socks, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, soak feet 10 – 15 minutes in warm water before sleeping, reduce salt and caffeine intake.

Pregnant women can practice walking, cycling, swimming, yoga to improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling.

Pregnant women can practice with an exercise bike at home to both ensure their own safety and easily exercise regularly to reduce leg swelling.

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