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Bạn có tư thế nằm ngủ đúng chưa? Ngủ đúng tư thế giúp cải thiện sức khỏe

The formation correct sleeping position is very important to us. Everyone has different sleeping habits. If you think your sleeping position is not important, you are wrong. Improper sleeping position can cause disease; Correct sleeping position can “cure disease”.

For normal people, the correct sleeping position is lying on the right side and slightly bending the legs so that the heart in a high position is not compressed. The liver is located in a low position for better blood supply, which is beneficial for metabolism; duodenum progression, can promote digestion and absorption. At the same time, the whole body is in a relaxed state, breathing is regular, the heart rate slows down, and the brain, heart, lungs, stomach and intestines, muscles and bones are fully rested and supplied with oxygen.

What is the correct sleeping position? (Source: Wynn Tran Official)

1. Why do we need to sleep?

Many studies have shown that sleep plays an extremely important role for us. It also has the same role as food, drink or air. Therefore we cannot live without sleep. Each person will spend up to 1/3 of their life sleeping and dreaming. Researchers from Harvard Medical School have shown that there are quite a few reasons we have to sleep. The reasons can be mentioned that the process of sleeping will help restore energy and rest after a long day. Not only that, this time is also the time when the body regenerates and produces some new cells.

If you do not sleep within 36 hours, you will feel your body very uncomfortable and calm. If you do not sleep for 7 days, the body will appear to hallucinate. If you don’t sleep for 10 days or more, it will cause life-threatening problems. As people get older, they tend to sleep less and less. Children will need more sleep. For these reasons, it’s best to try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day to ensure your body is functioning efficiently.

2. Stages of sleep

2.1. Blinking during sleep (REM)

REM will usually be a light sleep. Usually REM sleep begins after the body has slept for 70 to 90 minutes. REM duration at night and near dawn will become longer. During this stage, the chin of the sleeper will relax. But the face, fingers and toes are twisted. EEG waves at this stage will be small and irregular with a series of eye movements. In many cases, the part of the brain waves will appear similar to when awake. REM is also the time when dreams appear.

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2.2. Non-REM (Non-REM) sleep

Non-REM will be deep sleep during the night. In Non-REM there will be 4 stages. Stages 1 and 2 will be a lethargic state. Then we ourselves will doze off, the heart rate will also slow down and the breathing will be more regular. In stages 3 and 4, the body has fallen into a deeper sleep. EEG waves at this stage are measured as having a larger amplitude. At this stage, the eyes and limbs also become immobile. In old age, this period will be shorter than in youth.

3. Correct sleeping positions

3.1. What are the pros and cons of sleeping on your side and on your stomach?

correct sleeping position

Your shoulder and neck muscles will also feel a certain stretch when sleeping in the wrong position!

This is a position that few people use when sleeping, but for obese people, this is a good position. About 7% of the population choose this position to help reduce snoring and disease effectively. However, this position can easily cause back pain and neck pain. Because then the body’s spine is not in the most natural and comfortable position. This sleeping position also puts more pressure on the muscles and nerves. This leads to nerve pain. Sleeping in this position will also require pillows such as massage pillows to ensure the airway.

Lying on your side can keep your spine in a relatively neutral position. And for some people, it can also help alleviate snoring problems. But if you like to sleep with your hands under your head when you sleep in this position, you can compress the nerves in your shoulders and arms, causing your fingers to go numb.

Sleeping in a pillow-hugging position can cause more pain because your body will be curled up for a few hours. The side sleeping position is often considered the worst sleeping position because it distorts the natural curve of the lower spine. Sleeping on your stomach can also affect your neck and lungs. However, some people find that sleeping on their stomach with a pillow between their knees can essentially relieve lower back pain. As this can improve the normal curves of the spine.

3.2. Is lying on your back the best sleeping position?

It is generally believed that the best sleeping position is on your back. When you sleep on your back, your head, neck, and spine maintain a natural neutral position, helping to minimize acid reflux. Since your face won’t be resting on the pillow, lying on your back is also the best sleeping position to prevent facial wrinkles. Although this is the best sleeping position, only about 8% of the population can do this sleeping position.

correct sleeping position

Lying on your back is the best sleeping position.

The standard lying position is sleeping on your back, lying on your back and keeping your head, neck and back in the best position. These areas should not put too much pressure on. This type of sleep will help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux disease (GERD) effectively. However, patients who are obese or have airway obstruction will not be suitable for this position. Because the airway will then easily narrow. This position also makes people who are obese or have other diseases snore louder.

Sleeping on your back without a pillow is really correct sleeping position and most beneficial for your spine. At the same time, a relatively thin, soft, and fluffy pillow can also play a beneficial role. If you use a thicker pillow, you may be able to reduce some of the benefits of sleeping on your back, as it will tilt your head and neck forward and affect your breathing.

The biggest drawback of sleeping on your back is that it can cause some people to snore. A study published in the New York Times found that 54% of people with snoring are “caused by their sleeping position. So if snoring is affecting your or your loved one’s sleep, Switching to sleeping on your side is a simple method worth trying, but this method of reducing snoring is not effective for everyone.

3.3. Correct sleeping position for pregnant women

In addition to causing back pain, lying on the stomach also reduces the blood circulation of the fetus, leading to low blood pressure, as well as respiratory and digestive problems. During the third few months of pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach can also cause discomfort.

correct sleeping position

The right sleeping position for pregnant women is lying on their side.

Experts generally do not recommend lying on your back during pregnancy, especially in the last months, because the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the spine, intestines and major blood vessels.

So, correct sleeping position for pregnant women is lying on their side! Especially leaning to the left can optimize circulation and blood circulation, increasing the transport of nutrients to the placenta and baby. In addition, you can use pillows to create comfort when resting, to provide proper support for the back, knees and stomach.

This pose takes about 15% of the population. This pose also helps to reduce the pressure on the vertebrae. Besides pregnant women, patients who lie in this position will snore less because the airway is open. Therefore, pregnant women and people with apnea are recommended by doctors to use this position. However, the weakness of this method is that the facial skin will wrinkle while sleeping. Often lying on one side, the face will be easily wrinkled on that side. This position can also affect women’s breasts because it is pulled to one side.

3.4. Correct sleeping position for babies

Lying on the back: This sleeping position is beneficial for the development of the baby’s five senses. It will not feel pressure on the heart, lungs, digestive tract, bladder and other organs. Parents can also better observe the baby’s facial expressions. There will be kAbout 41% of the population sleeps in this position.

Correct sleeping position

The supine position is good for babies.

Studies have shown that lying on your back is the safest sleeping position for babies, as the chance of sudden infant death syndrome is lowest. The downside is that babies are prone to overflowing milk after eating, food is easily choked into the airways, severe cases may even have aspiration pneumonia. For infants with obvious regurgitation or prone to acid reflux, the infant’s upper body can be raised to a 30-degree side position within half an hour of feeding.

Of course, there is no one sleeping position that is most suitable for the baby, parents should adjust the sleeping position according to the different characteristics and conditions of the baby. For babies who can turn over, they may not be able to fix their daily sleeping position, they can alternate lying on their back, left side, right side.

3.5. Other sleeping positions

  • Sleeping sitting: This is the position caused by chronic and acute lung diseases. Water or fluid in the lungs will make oxygen exchange more difficult. This sleeping position is not recommended much because the pressure on the spine and back will be more. Sleeping sitting up often happens when you take a nap, but it is less recommended. Because when our body falls into a state of REM, the muscles will gradually relax, leading to the person falling down.
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  • Sleep with arms outstretched in the shape of a star, sleep with one arm up or the other hand down while lying on your back.

4. To maintain quality sleep, try these simple methods

Choose correct sleeping position For you, it’s just one of the factors for a good night’s sleep. A few tips are also important to make your bedroom suitable for sleeping, ensuring a cool temperature and no interference from light. shining. Such as TV, computer or iPad. Even dim light from the radio or alarm clock can interfere with your ability to fall asleep. And more importantly your long-term health and your risk of cancer or major depression if you don’t get enough sleep.

correct sleeping position

Use a combination of methods to maintain quality sleep.

If your bedroom is not completely dark at night, I highly recommend installing blackout curtains or thick curtains. Even the faint light from a street lamp, a full moon, or a neighbor’s room can interfere with the changes in circadian rhythms needed to fall asleep. You should create a completely dark bedroom environment as much as possible.

Or, you can use an eye mask to block the light, but this is only a second best method. As for the temperature in the bedroom, studies have shown that the best temperature for sleep is relatively low, perhaps between 16-20 degrees Celsius (60-68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Our favorite sleeping positions can cause back and neck pain, upset stomach, and possibly even premature aging. So we need to find out correct sleeping position to correct the sleeping position accordingly!

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Frequently asked questions

Sleeping on your side is considered a good sleeping position for pregnant women. However, you should also not lie on your side for too long. When leaning to the left, the internal organs in the chest tend to shift to the left, the lungs will press on the heart.

The fetal sleeping position is easy to cause back and knee pain when you wake up. At the same time, the pressure of lying on your side plus the impact of your hands on your face, this sleeping position can make your facial skin sag.

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Lying on your stomach at first can be quite comfortable and easy to fall asleep when the body is tired, but it puts a lot of pressure on the digestive and respiratory systems, hindering blood circulation.

Although the sleeping position helps to increase the bust, lying on the stomach is not good for the first round. Because maintaining the prone position for a long time can cause the breasts to sag and automatically shrink.

In men, lying on the side and turning too much can lead to testicular torsion.

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