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Human organ ectomorph is considered a fairly common form of human organ. People with this body shape will have thin bodies. This makes a lot of people self-conscious about their appearance. It will be quite difficult for people of this body type to gain weight. The sharing in this article will help people with Ectomorph body gain weight quickly.

In addition to the need to lose weight, many people have the desire to gain weight to increase their confidence in their appearance. In order to have a balanced body, ectomorphs need to work a lot harder. Because this is a difficult human body to gain weight. With only 3 months of hard work and perseverance, Ectomorph human body Will gain weight effectively as desired.

1. What is an Ectomorph?

Human ectomorphs are long and thin, with little body fat and little muscle. They have a hard time gaining weight. Basketball players and fashion models often fall into this category. Quite a few women wish they were ectomorphs. However, the male ectomorph body makes them less masculine. So many people want to gain weight when they have an ectomorph body.

ectomorph human organs

The ectomorph is usually thin and tall

2. Characteristics of the human body Ectomorph

Tibetan ectomorphs male and female ectomorph organs usually have a very fast metabolism, especially when compared to endomorphs. The human body has ectomorphs that are particularly good at converting the carbs we consume into energy. You can eat pretty much anything you want and the fat is burned very quickly and without much effort. This is why ectomorphs find it difficult to gain weight.

3. How to gain weight for human organs ectomorphs

3.1. Practice sports

Human ectomorphs have a natural tendency of our bodies to refuse to gain muscle or fat. To learn it successfully in another job requires not only intense training, but also a lot of strategy.

ectomorph human organs

Exercise will help you gain weight quickly

In order to find the ideal training plan to train the ectomorph body for mass gain, we need to define and understand the following exercises:

  • Do low-intensity cardio and strength exercises. For a week, take three days of strength training and two days of cardio so you don’t accidentally speed up your metabolism and burn off all the mass.

Stay away like cardio exercises, single exercises, overtraining,… these are exercises that burn a lot of fat.

ectomorph human organs

Choosing the right exercise will help ectomorphs gain weight

3.2. Nutrition

People belonging to the ectomorph body, needing your diet to be rich in calories is undisputed. Ectomorphs burn through their energy and stored energy fairly quickly due to their very high metabolism, so if you don’t want to lose all the bulk, the more calories you can put into your diet. your own the better. Below is the diet for ectomorphs.

3.3. What is the lifestyle for people with Ectomorph organs?

ectomorph human organs

Sleeping 8 hours a day will help people with Ectomorph organs gain weight effectively

The secret to helping people with Ectomorph organs gain weight effectively depends not only on their diet and exercise regimen, but also on their lifestyle. If there is a scientific lifestyle, the body of this human organ will absorb nutrients very well, promoting rapid weight gain. It is difficult for people with a thin body to gain weight. Therefore, they need to strictly and fully follow a diet, exercise and scientific and moderate activities.

4. Suggestions for weight gain menus for Ectomorphs

Each person will have a different body, so the suggested menu below is for reference only. This menu has been balanced with 50% carbs – 30% protein – 20% fat. You can refer to and adjust to suit yourself. One thing you need to keep in mind is, if after 1 week of applying the menu but your weight still doesn’t move up a number, try to eat more.

The suggested menu for people with Ectomorph organs is divided into 6 meals per day including:

ectomorph human organs

Consuming high-calorie foods will help you gain weight

5. Ectomorph body weight training schedule

Building a nutritious diet means you have achieved 60% of success. However, eating a lot will only make you store large amounts of fat if you do not have a heavy exercise plan. You should lift weights to help build muscle and stimulate the eating process, prompting you to eat more protein and load more calories for the body.

Not every program that includes weight training plays a role in building muscle. The point of training to build muscle is to increase the stress on the muscles. Choose exercises and weights suitable for your body to increase pressure on muscle groups. Muscle cells, if continuously worked on, will get bigger through protein absorption.

All exercises work on muscles, however, not all exercises are capable of building muscle. You should focus on performing Compound exercises, multi-muscle exercises such as Deadlift, Squat, Pull Ups.

Another issue that you need to pay attention to is, the characteristics of Ectomorph human body Since it is a fast metabolism, it will be difficult for excess fat to accumulate. Therefore, you should stay away from Isolation and Cardio exercises.

You should focus on compound exercises to gain muscle. With upper body exercises, you should do 3 sets of 6 to 6 times each. Lower body exercises, such as squats, must be performed at least 25 times each set to increase testosterone levels. When you first start working out, you need to try to work hard for 60 minutes, not too much to avoid burning calories.

Refer to the training schedule 3 times per week for people with Ectomorph organs:

You should work hard and persistently apply this exercise schedule for about 4 weeks, you will immediately see the effect it brings to your body.

Here is information about ectomorph human organs and how to gain weight effectively for this human organ. To gain weight effectively, don’t forget to do gentle exercises with Treadmill, exercise bike. Hope the above sharing will help you to quickly improve your physique and weight.

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Frequently asked questions

Ectomorphs are characterized by being long and thin, with little body fat and little muscle. They have a hard time gaining weight. Fashion models and basketball players fit this category.

The ectomorph should be divided into several meals a day, preferably about 5-6 times.

No. Cardio exercises will burn excess fat quickly. You should do weight training exercises to increase muscle mass.

You should choose foods with high calorie content to gain weight effectively. Items like red meat, lean meat and fatty fish are the right foods for you.

The human ectomorph needs to avoid using stimulants such as alcohol, beer and tobacco, and at the same time live in moderation to gain weight effectively.

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