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Bí đao nấu nước uống có tác dụng gì trong làm đẹp?

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Have you ever wondered? What are the benefits of cooking squash? not yet? Winter melon is a familiar fruit that is widely used in both Eastern and Western medicine. It has many different health benefits that you will not expect.

Pumpkin is a plant that belongs to the gourd family and is easy to grow. It is not too picky about living conditions, so it is grown in all rural areas of Vietnam. Pumpkin is also often cooked by women to drink during weight loss. So What are the benefits of cooking squash? in beauty?

What is the effect of cooking water squash?

Pumpkin is loved by many people

1. What is the effect of cooking water squash?

Squash is a plant in the gourd family, so you will find its shape seems quite similar to the gourds we often eat. What is the effect of boiled squash?

1.1. Pumpkin juice helps to lose weight

Currently, there are many types of detox water from fruits and herbs to help lose weight effectively. For example, green tea boosts metabolism. Ginger tea helps to create a thermogenic effect, good for the digestive system of each person. And squash will help you reduce cravings and lose weight effectively.

In some studies, mice that drank squash juice ate less than normal rats. And this effect lasts for 7 hours. Scientists are still working on this right now. But the weight loss of squash is something that many people believe and love.

1.2. Beautiful skin

Squash contains linoleic and oleic acids. Both of these are considered by many researchers to have good effects on the skin.

In which linoleic acid is an indispensable component to make ceramide. And this is also one of the main ingredients that make up the moisturizing film. This is also the membrane that helps your skin stay hydrated and resist environmental factors. If this membrane is not working properly, your skin will be drier and acne will appear.

This acid our body will not be able to produce on its own, so it needs to be absorbed from food. The foods that are suggested to contain a lot of this acid are sunflower seeds, sesame oil, … Especially in squash, there is a large amount of linoleic acid.

As for oleic acid, we can produce it ourselves, so it is not too important. But if you can, you can still add a moderate amount to enhance your health.

What is the effect of cooking water squash?

Pumpkin helps to hydrate the skin

1.3. Drink detox water with squash to eliminate toxins

What are the benefits of drinking dried squash?? Can fresh squash do detox? Whether you use dried squash or fresh squash, it will have a good effect on the liver and body. These are extremely important parts of our body and have the ability to remove toxins from the body. So if we want to detox, it is best to drink plants that affect the liver and kidneys.

Pumpkin also has some antioxidant components that are good for the liver and brain. In addition, some studies have shown that squash has a mild diuretic ability. This is also one of the effective ways to help detoxify the body. You can also get rid of sodium and other toxins through this route.

1.4. Winter melon has a cooling effect

In oriental medicine, squash is considered a cold food. So there is nothing to talk about the cooling ability of the most talked about squash. So when you search about What are the benefits of cooking squash? nice What are the benefits of drinking dried squash? then you can easily see this ability of squash.

2. Should you drink squash juice before sleeping?

So When should you drink squash juice?? In squash, there is a compound called hyterin – caperic, so it will easily block sugar in the body. Prevents the process of converting into fat and prevents fat accumulation in the body. At the same time, squash also has high welding properties, so if you drink it before sleeping, it will help purify and cool the body. From there, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

For those with low blood pressure should not use squash too often. Because squash will be cool, if you use it regularly, you will experience a sudden drop in blood sugar, which is dangerous for the body.

What is the effect of cooking water squash?

When to drink squash?

Squash is a very popular ingredient in Vietnam. You can absolutely find it in many places in the city or the countryside. Yes, but few people know about it What are the benefits of boiled squash? are not? Squash will often be known as a familiar water for many women to lose weight. But besides it also has many other uses and harms. It is best before using to be sure you should still learn through how to drink squash to keep the body healthy. Check out some other health and sports articles at ellipsort.vn Let’s be healthier together.

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