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Face washing machine is a popular product among women because it has the ability to clean 10 times more than washing the face in the usual way. However, which brand of facial washing machine should be chosen to ensure quality and still have a reasonable price? Find out more about the product now Mirae face washing machine for more suitable options.

Facial washing machines bring more benefits than conventional facial washing

Cons of washing your face by hand and cleanser

This is the most popular way to wash your face today, however, if the skin is hiding too much dirt and dead cells, it will not be able to clean it and cause many acne problems.

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Disadvantages of washing your face with a face wash

Face wash gloves, cotton pads or face washes with beads often help significantly increase the effectiveness of cleaning the skin, so they are also chosen by many people. However, with this method, the skin is very vulnerable to direct friction with the face wash, which can easily cause redness and other problems with acne or skin damage.

Benefits of washing machine products

Designed to overcome the above disadvantages, face wash products with modern technology can help users quickly deep clean the skin gently and quickly.

In particular, difficult-to-clean areas such as the nose wings, nucleus pulposus, eye sockets, chin, … also easily remove dead skin cells, sebum accumulated in pores effectively. In addition, the products also have the effect of supporting relaxing massage, lifting muscles to help firm and healthy skin every day.

Learn about Mirae face wash machine

Product information

  • Brand: MIRAE
  • Brand Origin: Taiwan
  • Origin (Place of manufacture): Taiwan
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Products include: 01 face wash body and 01 USB charging cord
  • Outstanding feature: cleaning with sonic vibration technology helps the skin to be deep clean, soft and anti-aging.
  • Selling price: 1,650,000 VND

Brand Mirae

Mirae brand is one of the most prestigious names in providing beauty products in Taiwan market. Starting to emerge in 2016, Mirae is trusted by many users through its fast-acting moisturizing mask in just 8 minutes after use.

In addition, the company is also very successful with many other product lines such as concealers, exfoliating gels, acne patches or cleansers, etc. Especially, in recent times, super facial cleansers Mirae sound introduced by Korean actor Yoo In-na once again created a new wave in beauty for young people.

Review Mirae Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

Mirae face washing machine

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With good quality, good price and timely launch, the product is a push for Mirae to grow stronger and win many great awards. Specifically, the awards include: Silver Award in the World Appraisal Awards of the year, the Academy Award of Taiwan Biomedical Industry, the National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award SNQ and The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 in the UK. …

Product salient features

In the current washing machine market, two technologies are used that are said to be the most effective, including rotating machine technology and ultrasonic vibration technology. However, sonic facial cleanser products almost have more advantages because they both have good cleaning effect and do not cause damage to sensitive skin. Meanwhile, this is quite easy to happen in cleaning products with rotating machine technology. In addition, the brush head must be regularly replaced every 3 or 6 months to ensure effective use.

For Mirae face washing machine, T – Sonic sonic technology easy to clean skin gently, quickly and antibacterial brush made of silicone can be used for up to 10 years without having to be replaced. In particular, the product is designed to minimize the impact on the skin, leaving the skin cleaner, smoother and firmer after use. Thanks to the waterproof design combined with the neat USB charging, it is easy for users to use it daily and carry the product when traveling. The brush head is also designed to have a warmer temperature to help open pores, a good support for the cleaning process.

Who is Mirae face wash suitable for?

The reason why Mirae face wash machine is well received by many people

Product Mirae face wash machine Designed with high-grade silicon particles, it has the ability to deeply clean the skin and has a good antibacterial effect. Thanks to that, it can help the skin increase the ability to absorb essential nutrients more effectively.

Review Mirae Ultrasonic Facial Washer is good

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In addition, compared to other facial cleanser products, Mirae is applied with Thermal Sonic Facial Brush technology combined with an exclusive 40-degree warmth mode, improving the effectiveness of cleaning the skin more thoroughly. And another advantage of the product is the optimal water resistance, which helps to increase the product’s durability and convenience.

Suitable subjects to use Mirae ultrasonic facial cleanser

Mirae face wash machine Suitable for all skin types including oily, dry, combination or even sensitive skin. Accordingly, the machine can be used by both men and women who need to deep clean and improve the quality of their own skin.

Product review of Mirae ultrasonic facial cleanser

Design Review

Mirae face wash machine The design is quite compact and easy to hold with the main color being trendy blue, which is both luxurious and convenient. The main material used to make the product is silicone combined with a macaron layer that has a waterproof effect when in contact with water and limits the effects if dropped or hit hard. This can also be an advantage that makes the product more durable than other lines with the same function.

Mirae Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser 2

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The top of the body has a design of 3 adjustment buttons to switch between different modes. The device’s USB port is located near the handle, absolutely waterproof and very convenient to carry in a bag. As for the silicone bristles, it is made of high antibacterial material, which is soft, and has good anti-irritation. The front of the machine is 1/3 coated with cleaning function, the back side is covered with 1/4 to help users massage. The machine also has an additional temperature control button to help open pores to increase cleaning efficiency.

Very good water resistance

After opening the product, inside the box, outside the box Mirae face wash machine Comes with a USB charging cord and a small instruction manual. The convenient charging socket allows users to easily carry and plug in the charger anytime and anywhere, but this is still not the best thing.

What is worth mentioning is the optimal water resistance of the washing machine when it can be comfortably submerged in water without fear of damage. However, you should also not challenge it by soaking it day in and day out, the IPX7 standard has its limits.

About high cleaning ability

The impact of vibration sonic technology helps the skin to be cleaned effectively quickly without the user having to manipulate too meticulously on their own skin. In addition, a new feature in the product is the warm-vibration mode that enhances cleaning efficiency. The pores are warmed, enlarged, combined with the vibration frequency of 8,000 times per minute to stimulate the most difficult-to-clean dirt and sebum in the pores to be expelled.

MIRAE . Ultrasonic Facial Washer

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Relaxation and skin improvement benefits

Another plus point of the product Mirae ultrasonic facial cleanser The reason is that the vibration effect of the machine, in addition to cleaning the skin, also helps the skin to be massaged to relax effectively to reduce stress and fatigue from daily work. If properly combined with skin care operations, the machine also creates a resonance effect to protect the skin against sagging, support skin lifting, and effectively tighten the skin. With a reasonable vibration speed, the device also enhances blood circulation to help the skin remove toxins and pigments and become fresher and more rosy.

Genuine “buffalo” battery

Another advantage of this ultrasonic face wash is that it is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that can be used for 8 months in a row. But with the condition that every day only use the machine from 1 minute to 2 minutes (the right way to wash your face). In addition, the bottom of the base of the machine also has a reminder light to notify the battery status quite convenient for users.

Refer to 5 steps to use Mirae facial cleanser to wash your face

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The mistake of many people when owning a face wash machine is thinking it can clean all existing stains on the face including cosmetics, sunscreen, etc. However, there are cosmetics that are close as can only be cleaned with specialized makeup remover. Therefore, in order to achieve the optimal facial cleansing effect with Mirae face washing machineusers should follow these steps sequentially:


For skin that wears makeup or is using sunscreen, moisturizing cosmetics, it is better to be cleaned with a specialized makeup remover.

Wet face, create foam

Facial skin after removing makeup should be evenly wet to remove dirt and support better foaming when using facial cleanser. Put a little cleanser in the palm of your hand, use a little water to mix and create a lather, then apply evenly on the face.

Use a washing machine

Wet Mirae face washing machine, adjust the vibration mode, and the appropriate temperature, then put the device on the skin and massage in the direction from the bottom up. You should massage quickly and need to let the device come into contact with hard-to-reach, angular positions on the face. Specifically, press the power button once to turn on the normal vibration mode (white light), press the second time to activate the vibration mode (yellow light).

Note that each use of the device should not be longer than 2 minutes and should only be used once a day to both clean without causing any effects on the skin. When the device comes into contact with the face, just a gentle swipe is enough to clean, it is not necessary to apply force to the skin to avoid skin damage and redness. In addition, users should always use it for the neck to help the neck skin be cleaned and improved more evenly with the facial skin.

Clean face

After using the machine, wash your face with water as usual and use a clean towel to dry your face.

Clean the machine

This step is quite a lot of you skip, but it will have a lot of effects on the skin, which is the cleaning step and storing the face wash. After completing the facial cleansing steps, it is recommended to use clean water to wash the machine, paying attention to using a strong water jet so that the bacteria and dirt on the silicone fibers are completely removed.

Next, use a clean cloth to dry the device and store it in a clean, dry place. Machines that are not cleaned properly will quickly reduce their lifespan and easily create conditions for harmful bacteria to multiply. And this is very detrimental to the next machine use.

Some notes when using Mirae face wash machine

You should pay attention to the health of your skin before using the device

Mirae face wash machine Suitable for all skin types but it is better to improvise when used to get the desired effect. Specifically, for thin, sensitive skin, only mild vibration should be selected and should not be used. For oily skin and hidden acne, it is recommended to choose a strong vibration mode combined with temperature to increase the optimal cleaning effect.

However, in case the skin is having too many acne, especially red inflamed acne, you should not use the device because the vibration of the machine can make acne worse.

Using the machine too often is not a good thing

Many people believe that washing machines are the main cause of acne breakouts and are easy to damage and dry skin. However, the above problems only occurred because the user did not really use the machine properly or used the machine too often unnecessarily.

That’s right, you should only use a face wash once a day, and only one to two minutes each time is most appropriate to both clean your skin and not cause skin damage.


In short, Mirae face wash machine is a product worth choosing because it meets many quality standards such as ISO, GMP and HACCP. That’s right, the machine’s convenient design, smart use, high durability and fast performance are verifiable. To get quality products, users should choose to buy at a reputable address.

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