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Recently, Yukibudo seaweed is one of the keywords that are searched a lot on the internet, but many people do not know this type of food. In fact, grape seaweed is like a vegetable but contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and other essential ingredients, especially Omega 3 and Fucoidan ingredients.

So what are the benefits that Yukibudo grape seaweed brings to health, who should eat grape seaweed and how to eat it the best? Let’s find out the answer through the following content.

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What is grape seaweed?

Grape seaweed is an edible seaweed similar to everyday vegetables. Because of the shape like small bunches of grapes in succession, this algae is named as grape seaweed. Grape seaweed grows in abundance in the waters of Southeast Asia and around islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Yukibudo grape review

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In our country, this type of seaweed was discovered around 2006 in Phu Quy island. However, the domestic market only really knows a lot about grape seaweed products in the past 2 years when it has been widely invested in farming in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. This is a location with a climate, temperature and clean water that are very suitable for the growth of this high nutritional value “vegetable”.

Learn about Yukibudo seaweed

Product information

  • Product’s name: Grape seaweed Yukibudo
  • Category: Food
  • Packing: A box of 06 packs of 25g
  • Producer: Vietnam – Japan Joint Stock Company Organic Food
  • Uses: nutritional supplements, health care and beauty

Where does Yukibudo grape seaweed come from?

Grape seaweed Yukibudo

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Product yukibudo seaweed grown and produced in the domestic market by Levuce company. The product processing and packaging factory is Viet Nhat Organic Food Factory. Accordingly, each product is committed to manufacturing under a closed process, strictly controlled according to Japanese standards to ensure the best quality when reaching consumers.

What are the highlights of Yukibudo grape seaweed?

Yukibudo grape seaweed can be considered as a vegetable to eat in daily meals. But the special feature of this vegetable is that it is a “premium vegetable” with high nutritional value. Eating grape seaweed regularly not only helps bring new dishes, changes flavors for the whole family, it is also a way to take care of health, supplement nutrients and effectively support the beauty process of women.

To ensure the safety and quality for users, the product is carefully controlled from the cultivation process to the selection and packaging treatment.

Nutritional ingredients in Yukibudo grape seaweed

Product Yukibudo seaweed does not provide much energy but has high nutritional value. Because of this, users can completely supplement nutrients every day without fear of weight gain.

Specifically, energy only accounts for about 4.4 grams in 100 grams of seaweed, the rest are other beneficial ingredients such as: Carbohydrates, fiber, the protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, Iodine and iron. In particular, the calcium content in grape seaweed is quite high, about 16% and in addition, there are Fucoidan and DHA, EPA.

Ingredients Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a valuable ingredient in Yukibudo grape seaweed that works to increase resistance and effectively prevent cancer. In particular, regular tolerance of a daily amount of Fucoidan is also very useful for people with cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. Nutrients also have the ability to support the strengthening of liver function, helping the elderly to be healthy and stable.

Ingredients Omega 3

Grape seaweed contains a large amount of Omega 3, mainly 2 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are essential for the human body. Yes, at any age, Omega 3 offers many important benefits such as brain development for babies, helps improve vision, benefits nerves, supports a healthy pregnancy, prevents anemia. blood and many other uses for health.

Is Yukibudo grape seaweed easy to eat?

Grape seaweed Yukibudo is the rated “vegetable” quite easy to eat and maybe Addictive if served with roasted sesame sauce. When properly prepared according to the instructions, grape seaweed does not have a fishy taste that is difficult to eat but possesses a characteristic easy-to-use salty taste, with the addition of the natural aroma of seaweed.

Is Yukibudo seaweed good?

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When you eat it, the first impression is the feeling of crunching and chewing. In particular, the salty taste of grape seaweed does not make people thirsty, because it almost disappears after the grape seaweed is swallowed. The main aftertaste at this time is not the salty feeling in the throat, but on the contrary, a very pleasant sweet taste and stimulates the taste buds. After eating one piece, I want to eat another piece, the more I eat, the more I like it without fear of weight gain or indigestion.

Who is the grape seaweed dish suitable for?

Yukibudo grape seaweed products are highly safe

As mentioned, from cultivation to packaging of finished products, Japanese-branded grape seaweed Yukibudo is controlled under a strict closed process, so it is very safe for users. In particular, thanks to the water separation technology, the product has a long shelf life, maintains its natural brittleness for a long time and is suitable for many different consumers from the elderly to young children.

Target users of the product

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Grape seaweed is a benign food and almost everyone can use grape seaweed as a food to supplement daily nutrition for the body. Right:


Grape seaweed is suitable to supplement nutrition for the elderly when the ability to absorb nutrients is less and less and is very beneficial in the prevention of dangerous diseases related to blood pressure, heart and nerves.


For people with a vegetarian diet, eating grape seaweed will add many beneficial nutrients to balance nutrition every day.


In particular, pregnant women are very suitable subjects to use grape seaweed every day to add more vitamins and essential nutrients to prevent anemia and calcium deficiency. With a large amount of beneficial fatty acids, grape seaweed is also very beneficial for the brain and physical development of young children to quickly become strong and intelligent right from the womb.


Adults also need to eat grape seaweed to bring great health benefits. For women, Yukibudo grape seaweed is not simply a delicious dish but also a companion to beauty, helping to keep the skin smooth, smooth and prevent aging better.


In addition, grape seaweed is also a very good suggested food for people who are in the diet phase. That’s right, grape seaweed contains little energy and a large amount of fiber in grape seaweed as well as other ingredients that work very well in the process of reducing cholesterol, supporting fat loss, and detoxifying quickly. Weight loss becomes safer and more effective. Suggesting postpartum women to eat grape seaweed regularly not only helps milk benefits but also quickly regains shape.

How to use Yukibudo grape seaweed?

Although the yukibudo seaweed dish is benign and easy to use, it should be noted that children under 6 months of age or people with signs of allergy to any ingredient in seaweed should not use this food. In addition, to ensure deliciousness, it is necessary to perform preliminary processing before eating according to the following steps in sequence:

Soak in clean water

Grape seaweed Yukibudo processed by water separation technology for convenience during transportation and to help the preservation process longer. Therefore, before eating, users need to soak grape seaweed in water for about 4 minutes to evenly expand and reduce natural salinity.

After 4 minutes, stir the grape seaweed and change the water to soak for about 4 more times until the salty taste of the seaweed is eaten and the seaweed has an eye-catching green color. Washing and changing the water many times also helps the seaweed to remove the fishy taste of the algae more effectively.

Evaluation of Yukibudo grape seaweed is good

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Soak in ice water

After soaking and washing with clean water, the grape seaweed needs to be drained, then prepare a bowl of crushed ice and continue to add the grape seaweed, then mix well to let the seaweed absorb the cold. At low temperature, grape seaweed almost completely eliminates the inherent fishy taste and becomes crispy and delicious.

Processing grape seaweed

After the ice soaking is complete, the grape seaweed should be put into a basket to drain and can be eaten directly, served with sesame sauce (sold with the product) or processed into some common mixed vegetables to enjoy. awake. Note that yukibudo seaweed should be used within 30 minutes after processing to prevent it from drying out and reducing its freshness afterwards.

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In addition, the nutritional value of grape seaweed is quite high, so it should be noted that every day should not eat more than 10 grams to ensure safety for health as well as no waste. And for children under 6 months old should not use grape seaweed.

The benefits of Yukibudo seaweed for health

Improve health, support pathology

Help strengthen bones

The large amount of calcium in grape seaweed helps to strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis and age-related joint pain problems. For young children, eating grape seaweed also supports the physical development process, helping children increase their height and strength.

Vision support

With essential Omega 3 nutrients, eating grape seaweed also has the effect of supporting eyesight, helping to avoid dry eyes, night blindness and many other eye problems.

Beneficial for the heart and blood pressure

Most of the elderly have diseases related to blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. These are diseases with a high risk of stroke and can lead to dangerous complications. Meanwhile, the nutrients in Yukibudo grape seaweed are said to have the ability to support the health of the patient, helping the disease to be stable for a long time so that the patient can live a happy and healthy life. In particular, grape seaweed is also beneficial in limiting the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer.

Grape seaweed Yukibudo

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Prevent goiter

With the content of iodine in the ingredients, eating grape seaweed effectively prevents goiter for both children and adults. In addition, the high fiber content in Yukibudo grape seaweed also has a laxative effect, limiting constipation and is beneficial for the digestive system.

Helps support the beauty process

Grape seaweed is a very beneficial food for both skin and hair to help women improve their beauty from the inside out, sustainably and effectively. That’s right, eating grape seaweed regularly helps you own stronger hair and firm, soft skin.

For some people, eating grape seaweed is also very beneficial for the process of eliminating toxins, reducing cholesterol in the blood and supporting an easier and more effective weight loss process. It is also beneficial in maintaining body shape, helping women keep their youthful appearance for a long time.

In addition, grape seaweed can also be used crushed to make different skin care masks when combined with fresh milk or honey. Grape seaweed mask helps the skin to improve elasticity, become more shiny, smooth and whiter.

Beneficial for mother and baby

Yukibudo grape seaweed brings many nutrients that are very beneficial to the health of pregnant women during pregnancy to help both mother and child be healthy and fully supplement the essential ingredients for the development process. Typically, a large amount of protein, calcium, DHA, EPA, ALA and fiber both help the fetus’ brain development and help pregnant women avoid anemia and constipation during pregnancy effectively.

Yukibudo seaweed review

This can also be said to be the perfect solution for pregnant women to provide nutrients for the body but still control their weight well because grape seaweed contains very low energy, does not make pregnant women gain weight. In particular, eating grape seaweed after giving birth also supports the recovery process more effectively, helping mothers to quickly regain their shape, skin and have more milk to take care of their children.


So, Yukibudo seaweed It is a healthy food suitable for all ages. In addition, grape seaweed can be used to make a mask to nourish the skin with some other ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, yogurt, etc.

To ensure the quality of grape seaweed, each time should only soak just enough amount to use and it is better to leave the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.

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