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The vestibule is a product that many people are interested in recently, especially the elderly. So is this product good or not? What ingredients are there? Safe for health or not? Let’s find out with us.

Vestibular disorders are a seemingly harmless disease. But according to doctors, people with vestibular disorders can set the stage for other dangerous diseases to occur at any time such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. Vestibular disorders appear more in middle-aged people, sometimes even in young people.

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So how to treat and prevent vestibular disorders effectively? Use pills Tien Dinh Khang is considered the ideal solution to help protect you at many stages of the disease.

Now, let’s find out more about this drug.

Product introduction Tien Dinh Khang

To better understand the drug Tien Dinh Khang, let’s explore its origin first:

What is Tien Dinh Khang?

Tien Dinh Khang is a form of health food prepared from oriental herbal ingredients combined with a super-concentrated production formula.

Using Tien Dinh Khang is considered the optimal solution not only to help you protect your health. It also reduces the progression of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis, blood clots, stroke, diabetes… due to vestibular disorders.

Tien Dinh Khang

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Tien Dinh Khang oral tablet is packaged in two forms: a paper box of 3 blisters, each blister of 10 tablets and a plastic box containing 60 tablets.

Money Dinh Khang is produced by whom?

Tien Dinh Khang products are prepared and manufactured from Eloge France Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Joint Stock Company. The factory is located in Que Vo industrial zone – Bac Ninh.

What are the ingredients in Tien Dinh Khang?

Tien Dinh Khang dietary supplement is prepared entirely from the following valuable medicinal herbs:

Sea bitter vegetables

Sea bitter melon is found in many humid environments such as canals, rivers, streams, swamps, etc. In Oriental medicine, people use sea bitter melon in medicines to relieve stress, fatigue, improve memory, and improve memory. or cognitive rehabilitation.

Especially, for Alzheimer’s disease and cerebrovascular accident, sea bitter melon plays a very important role in enhancing cognitive ability, improving the immune system… for patients.

Ingredients of Tien Dinh Khang


Ginkgo is a perennial plant dating back up to 200 million years. The tree is widely grown in China, Japan, America and Korea. Ginkgo biloba is widely used in the treatment of diseases such as memory loss, cognitive impairment, vestibular syndrome, depression, vascular occlusion, or cerebral circulatory insufficiency.

Dan Ginseng

Based on the research results of traditional Chinese medicine scientists, Danshen contains a large amount of Tanshinon IIA – an active ingredient that has the ability to prevent heart arrhythmias very effectively. Thereby preventing the risk of ischemic heart disease and myocardial hypertrophy.


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Trans-frame itself is rich in essential oils, fatty oils, ferulic acids, phthalic acids, etc. All these components contribute significantly to the remission of myocardial ischemia, platelet aggregation, cerebral ischemia, etc. Oriental medicine, trans-frame is used as a valuable herb to help quickly treat high blood pressure, headaches, menstrual disorders…

Or rules

Dang Gui is one of the most widely used herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune system-boosting properties, dong quai can well support the treatment of anemia, dissolving bruises, mental fatigue, and physical weakness.


The main ingredient in rosemary is rutin – a type of vitamin P that promotes blood vessel health. Thereby helping to effectively treat cerebrovascular accident, high blood pressure, menorrhagia, fatty blood, bloody stools, etc.

Bach dah

Dahlia contains many glycosides including paeoniflorin and albiflorin. These are important active ingredients that help significantly reduce disease conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, lupus erythematosus … In addition, white lily is also used for anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and cardiovascular protection. and good nerves.


The birthplace is also known as the earth emperor. This is a herbaceous, perennial plant, possessing very effective detoxifying, heat-clearing, detoxifying, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties. In Eastern medicine, people often use biogeo to treat anemia, depression, hemoptysis, stabilize blood sugar, improve liver function…

The miraculous effect of the use of Tien Dinh Khang

Once you have a vestibular disorder, it is easy to lead to other dangerous diseases. Therefore, the use of Tien Dinh Khang not only supports good treatment of vestibular diseases, but also helps you prevent the occurrence of related diseases.

Specifically, Tien Dinh Khang brings the following great uses:

Significantly reduces the symptoms of vestibular disorders

The onset of vestibular disorders has many symptoms to recognize, usually headache, always feeling nauseous, dizzy, dizzy… Regular use of Tien Dinh Khang drug can significantly reduce the symptoms of vestibular disorders. The above symptoms are due to the fact that the drug contains precious medicinal herbs such as ginkgo biloba, cross-frame, sea bitter vegetables, etc.

Is Tien Dinh Khang good?

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Simultaneously, Tien Dinh Khang also gives patients a feeling of mental euphoria, stimulates improvement of the immune system and improves health.

Prevent the return of vestibular disorders

Vestibular disorders are chronic diseases, so you can only relieve the condition of the disease, but it is difficult to completely solve it. With the drug Tien Dinh Khang, you can completely prevent the return of this disease in the most optimal way.

Not only that, the drug also enhances blood circulation to the brain, stimulates the ability to concentrate, thereby helping the nervous system recover and work effectively.

Sedative, reduce stress, improve sleep

Through the analysis of medicinal ingredients, you probably also realize that Tien Dinh Khang oral tablet also has a special function, that is sedation, blood tonic, brain tonic. Because when having vestibular disorders, it will greatly affect the nervous system, thereby stimulating the brain to always be in a state of fatigue, stress, anxiety … leading to insomnia, body weakness.

Using the right dose of Tien Dinh Khang can effectively reduce stress, insomnia, and mental exhaustion. In addition, the drug also supports the prevention of cerebrovascular accidents, atherosclerosis, strengthens the immune system, and helps stabilize blood pressure.

Instructions for using Tien Dinh Khang

Depending on the progression of vestibular disorders, the way to use Tien Dinh Khang oral tablet is somewhat different. Specifically:

  • New vestibular disorders within 1 year: patients should take 2 tablets/time, twice daily.
  • Vestibular disorders from 1 year or more: patients should take the drug regularly 3 tablets / time, 2 times a day.


  • Take the medicine about 1 hour after having a full meal.
  • Use the drug continuously for 3-6 months to achieve the best results.
  • Persistence after 2-3 years, drink Tien Dinh Khang once to prevent recurrence.

Who should and shouldn’t use Tien Dinh Khang?

The following are the subjects who should and should not use Tien Dinh Khang oral tablet:

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Objects to use

  • Patients with mild and severe vestibular disorders.
  • People with blood circulation disorders to the brain.
  • People with signs of dizziness, dizziness, headache, weakness, insomnia, memory loss…
  • People with motion sickness
  • People working in a state of stress.
  • People with low blood pressure, just recovering from a stroke, …


  • The product is only a health supplement, not a substitute for medicine.
  • Do not use for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.

Customer feedback about Tien Dinh Khang pills

Ms. So – 45 years old – Ninh Thuan:

“I have been suffering from vestibular disorders for a long time, of course, taking medicine to treat the disease according to the doctor’s prescription. After a while, she recovered from the disease, but recently she felt like the disease returned when she began to have some signs of headache, dizziness, dizziness, etc. She was very scared, asked her friends, and was introduced to the money supplement. Dinh Khang, I bought it to try.

Unexpectedly, after 3 months of use, she found her health was much better, easy to sleep, mentally comfortable and most importantly, no longer saw unpleasant symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. Thank you Tien Dinh Khang, I will continue to use it in the next few months to be sure.”

Uncle Trong – 58 years old – Da Lat:

“I suffer from many diseases at the same time such as diabetes, lumbar spondylosis, vestibular disorders. Therefore, my body always feels uncomfortable, tired, can’t eat or sleep… I was given 3 bottles of medicine by my daughter, who works in the pharmaceutical industry, Tien Dinh Khang told me that the medicine could help me reduce the above diseases. , should try using it.

Listening to my daughter, I tried to maintain the medicine for 6 months, then I saw that my health was gradually recovering positively, my skin was rosy, I slept well, and my spirit was very high. My daughter and I are very happy and satisfied. I will recommend Tien Dinh Khang to my friends because it is a highly effective and safe product.”

Uncle Sau – 60 years old – Da Lat:

“In the past, my family had a lot of problems that caused me to suffer from prolonged stress syndrome, which was treated forever but could not be stopped. My children are very worried, fortunately, an acquaintance gave them 2 bottles of Tien Dinh Khang medicine, with a rough description of its use, but I do not really believe it.

However, I also tried it for 2 months, now I feel that my body is much healthier, no longer thinking about miscellaneous thoughts, I like to talk more, my spirit is very comfortable. I can finally see the happy smiles of my children when I see my father starting to get better.”

Frequently asked questions about Tien Dinh Khang

Before choosing Tien Dinh Khang As a health supplement, to support the treatment of diseases, customers often ask some of the following questions:

Is Money Dinh Khang good?

Based on positive feedback from users and expert reviews, Tien Dinh Khang tablets really bring high values ​​in alleviating diseases and regulating blood pressure. The proof is:

  • Tien Dinh Khang is 100% prepared from natural herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, cross-frame, sea bitter vegetables, flowers, dong quai…. All herbs are carefully selected and tested for quality before being put into production. Moreover, the drug can be used for a long time without worrying about drug resistance and drug resistance.
  • Tien Dinh Khang’s production process is researched and strictly monitored by leading experts, ensuring that the machines involved in production meet GMP standards. Help create high-quality components for users.
  • The drug is compatible with a wide range of users from men and women with vestibular disorders, to the elderly, postpartum or breastfeeding women.
  • Before being widely sold on the market, Tien Dinh Khang has been tested by the Ministry of Health and licensed for nationwide circulation.

Tien Dinh Khang

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How to distinguish real and fake drugs?

Any dietary supplement product is at risk of being counterfeited, counterfeited, in order to generate illegal profits. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following characteristics to buy genuine Tien Dinh Khang products:

  • Check the information printed on the product packaging, including ingredients, effects, usage, manufacturer, production time, production batch, etc. For real Tien Dinh Khang dietary supplements, the contents are all verified. Print clearly and completely.
  • Observe if there is an anti-counterfeiting stamp on the lid of the packaging box. If yes, make sure it is intact, not peeling.
  • The color of the packaging is sharp, harmonious, and not patchy.

How much is Dinh Khang money?

Current selling price of the product Tien Dinh Khang 30 tablets about 75,000 VND/box. With a box of 60 tablets will cost about 140,000 VND / box.

Where to buy genuine Dinh Khang Money?

It can be said that Tien Dinh Khang is currently very popular with many people because of its effective treatment of many diseases. In addition to large and small drugstores nationwide, the product is also officially sold at the manufacturer’s website.

Order at genuine Web

To ensure the quality of Tien Dinh Khang medicine is 100% genuine, you should order it directly on the manufacturer’s website.

The above article is a collection of useful information about characteristics, functions, components and usage Tien Dinh Khang. Hope you will choose for yourself a product that both helps relieve your illness and supports your health.

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