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Hyperlipidemia is a disease many people suffer from today due to a sedentary lifestyle and eating a lot of greasy, unhealthy foods. Reduce blood fat with garlic widely used and effective in supporting the treatment of diseases.

Garlic is a common ingredient, often found in the kitchen of Vietnamese families. We often see them as spices added to food processing, but few people know that garlic is also effective in supporting the treatment of blood fats. According to experts, garlic has the ability to fight excess cholesterol in the body, preventing diseases related to heart disease. Check out 3 ways now reduce blood fat with garlic right after.

1. The structure that leads to high blood fat

reduce blood fat with garlic

Why is blood fat high?

The liver is responsible for producing 80% of the body’s fat by synthesizing protein and sugar, the remaining 20% ​​of fat comes from food sources that the body takes in every day. Fat will be transported in cells and tissues to carry out vital functions of the body such as creating hormones, producing energy, building cells… If the liver produces too much fat or consumes it, Fat in cells and tissues decreases, the amount of fat in the blood will stagnate and increase, thereby leading to high blood fat. Therefore, in order to improve the state of high blood fat, the body needs to increase the consumption of fat in cells and tissues, as well as reduce the amount of fat production in the liver.

2. Manifestations of high blood fat

High blood fat will not have obvious symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, it is difficult to detect and treat patients in time. Over time, the disease will lead to dangerous complications such as myocardial infarction, heart attack, peripheral artery disease, stroke, fatty liver leading to liver cancer… Some typical symptoms of fat High blood pressure are: Dizziness, headache, fatigue, angina, transient heart attack, cold and numb limbs.

3. Uses of garlic

reduce blood fat with garlic

Garlic is good for the cardiovascular system

4. The effect of reducing blood fat with garlic

4.1. Nutrition in garlic

According to oriental medicine, garlic will have a spicy taste, warm properties as well as the use of gas and poison. Some scientific studies show that in 100 grams of garlic will contain 150 grams of calories, 33 grams of carbohydrates, 6.36 grams of protein and other vitamins.

Garlic contains a lot of iodine, essential oil will have the ability to kill bacteria and antiseptic. Not only that, but people also find large amounts of vitamins A, B, C, D, etc. Unprocessed garlic will have a higher nutritional value than processed garlic..

4.2. Can garlic reduce blood fat?

Not only that, but scientific research has shown that garlic contains a large amount of allicin sulfur. It is this active ingredient that will be able to inhibit the synthesis of bad cholesterol and deactivate them. Thereby also preventing cholesterol from being synthesized in the blood and eliminating toxins from the body.

Several studies in people who ate a lot of garlic have shown that bad cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risks have been significantly reduced. Garlic has the effect of slowing down fat metabolism in the liver. This causes the liver to secrete more bile as well as remove fat from the artery walls.

Medical experts also agree that the medicinal properties of garlic are almost equivalent to commonly used lipid-lowering drugs. At the same time, garlic also helps increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. Thereby reducing the metabolism of fat in the blood. Therefore, many people have used garlic to prevent blood fat, atherosclerosis or limit the complications of high blood fat.

reduce blood fat with garlic

Using garlic to reduce blood fat?

5. Ways to reduce blood fat with garlic

5.1. Reduce blood fat with fresh garlic

Fresh garlic contains sulfide compounds that inhibit the absorption of cholesterol through the intestinal membrane and eliminate excess cholesterol through the urine. Every day, people with high fat chewing raw 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic per day or processing garlic together with daily dishes will help improve the disease.

5.2. Reduce blood fat with garlic soaked in alcohol

When using garlic soaked in alcohol, the body will reduce the absorption of LDL – cholesterol (bad cholesterol) through the intestinal mucosa, and at the same time increase the excretion of cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount of cholesterol sticking on the vessel walls and in the blood. The active ingredient prostaglandin I2 (prostacyclin) in garlic wine both dilates blood vessels and inhibits platelet accumulation, helping to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, lowering blood pressure, and thromboembolism due to platelets. You soak 300 grams of peeled, cleaned and thinly sliced ​​garlic in 600ml of white wine about 40 degrees, 2 times a day with a dose of 15-20 drops each time.

5.3. Reduce blood fat with garlic and lemon

Lemon is effective in preventing heart disease, preventing cholesterol from sticking to artery walls, and improving overall health. Strong oxidant – limonin in lemon will reduce the content of apo B, which is the main protein component of bad cholesterol. At the same time, pectin, flavonoids and pigments in lemon have antioxidant properties, reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Therefore, when you combine garlic and lemon together, it will have an effective effect in reducing blood fat.

reduce blood fat with garlic

Use garlic and lemon to reduce blood fat

You put 4 fresh lemons in boiling water to remove bacteria, dirt and then cut into thin slices or small pieces. 4 garlic bulbs, peeled and cleaned. Then, you put the lemon and garlic in a blender and blend until pureed, then pour into a container with 2 liters of boiling water to cool. Next, you close the lid of the jar and put it in the refrigerator to soak for 3 days. Every day before 3 main meals, you drink 50ml of a mixture of garlic and lemon to reduce blood fat.

5.4. Reduce blood fat with garlic and green beans

Green beans are sweet and cool, so they will help to nourish the body. In addition, it also helps to cool down, detoxify, reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure as well as effectively fight obesity. Green beans are extremely rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B1 to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, the active ingredients in green beans will help protect the LDL particles from interacting with unstable free radicals. Therefore, when using garlic in combination with green beans, it will create an extremely effective remedy for high blood fat.

First, wash the green beans and peel off the garlic skin. Put all the prepared ingredients in a large bowl and place in a pot containing 500ml of water. Cover and cook in water bath for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can drink it like you normally would during the day.

5.5. Reduce blood fat with garlic and ginger lemon

Ginger is a very popular medicinal herb. Scientists have proven that ginger has the effect of burning fat as well as enhancing blood circulation. In particular, ginger has the same effect as lemon. This root vegetable is extremely rich in antioxidants as well as prevents the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels. Thereby helping to eliminate excess cholesterol out of the body. As you know, garlic and lemon also work to reduce bad cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, adding ginger to the garlic and lemon mixture will make the effect even more effective.

First you prepare lemon, ginger, garlic. Peel the garlic and wash it. Blend all ingredients in a blender. Then mix the resulting mixture into a pot and mix with 2 liters of water. Bring the pot on the stove to boil, stir well for about 10 minutes, then cook, let it cool.

reduce blood fat with garlic

Garlic and lemon ginger mixture reduces blood fat

6. Note when using garlic to lower blood fat

7. Who should limit the reduction of blood fat with garlic?

reduce blood fat with garlic

Who should limit the use of garlic?

Reduce blood fat with garlic Although effective, however, you need to note that you need to take the drug and regularly visit your doctor as directed by your doctor. At the same time, maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise regularly to improve the condition. Refer to home health care exercise products such as treadmills, exercise bikes… at the website Elipsport brand.

Our body, the abdomen is the part with a lot of fat and it takes a lot of patience to exercise to lose belly fat, make the abdominal muscles firm, there are many exercises that make us boring and difficult to practice. So belly fat is getting more and more, Choose the easiest method to exercise at home that you love it for daily exercise like walking and jogging on the elliptical treadmill is an effective solution you should try .

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Frequently asked questions

If you are taking antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants should be careful when using garlic.

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You should stop taking garlic and garlic products about 1 week before surgery to reduce the risk of prolonged bleeding during and after surgery.

Besides garlic, you can use green tea, ginger, sage (grilled bitter), turmeric root, lime leaves, hibiscus (Red Flower/Red Artichoke), sage, Jiaogulan, Ha Thu O. .. to reduce blood fat

You should quit or minimize smoking to improve HDL cholesterol. Within 20 minutes of quitting, heart rate and blood pressure after smoking spike. After quitting smoking for 3 months, lung function and blood circulation started to improve. After 1 year of quitting smoking, your risk of heart disease drops to half that of if you smoked.

According to medical experts, you should exercise 5 times a week, for at least 30 minutes each time. In case you do aerobic exercise, exercise 3 times a week with an intensity of 20 minutes/time.

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