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Người lớn thiếu canxi nên uống gì và bổ sung thực phẩm chức năng gì?

Let’s find out the answer What should adults drink calcium deficiency? As well as what foods should be added to ensure strong and healthy bones, and prevent bone and joint diseases through the following article.

Calcium plays an important role in the formation of human bones and teeth, maintaining nerve and muscle activity. As we age, the process of bone formation decreases and is lost, plus with a lack of daily sunlight, insufficient vitamin D production will affect calcium absorption, prone to osteoporosis, even osteoporosis. fracture. Therefore, adequate calcium intake is essential. So what should adults with calcium deficiency drink and eat? Let’s find the answer through the following article.

What should adults drink calcium deficiency?

Find out the answer of what calcium-deficient adults should drink

1. Calcium supplements for adults


Seafood such as sardines, salmon, sea cucumbers, kelp, seaweed, shrimp are all types of calcium-rich seafood.

The calcium content in every 100 grams of fish is about 50-150 mg, shellfish have a higher calcium content and every 100 grams of shellfish contains about 200 mg of calcium.

calcium supplements for adults

Seafood is a calcium supplement for adults

Kinds of bean

Beans are rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium and vitamins B1, B2. For example, 150 grams of tofu contains up to 500 mg of calcium.

Note, the calcium in beans is quite difficult to absorb, you should eat with foods containing vitamin C for the body to absorb calcium better.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Vegetables like kale, spinach are very calcium rich foods that you can choose to add to your meals. The list of 8 calcium-rich vegetables that you should regularly add to your diet menu includes:

calcium supplements for adults

Calcium-fortified foods for adults include beans and dark green leafy vegetables

2. What should adults with calcium deficiency drink?

Dairy products

Fresh milk, yogurt, cheese are all foods high in calcium. Milk contains a variety of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins, calcium in milk is easily absorbed by the body, especially fermented yogurt. 250g of milk contains 300mg of calcium. Drinking two glasses of milk a day is equivalent to adding 600 mg of calcium.

If you have a habit of drinking warm milk, you should note that when boiling the milk, do not stir and do not boil to avoid calcium loss. You should only cook at a temperature below 75 degrees is enough.

Smoothies from nut milk, green leafy vegetables help supplement calcium for people over 50 years old

Elderly people with poor absorption and difficulty in chewing and swallowing should choose to drink vitamins and smoothies containing calcium to get the necessary amount of calcium. So what calcium-deficient adults should drink in many different vitamins.

You can make your own smoothie from dark green leafy vegetables (as listed above), with optional fresh fruit, adding nut milk like soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk. Or add these nuts directly to the ingredients. Puree the mixture and pour into a glass to enjoy.

The reason to choose those nuts is because the seeds contain a lot of calcium. In 500 grams of soy milk contains 120 mg of calcium. In addition to calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and soy isoflavones found in soybeans can increase the efficiency of calcium use, thereby reducing the risk of calcium loss when the body absorbs it.

Or just 28g of cashews contains 1% of the body’s calcium needs per day. 100g of rapeseed contains 108 mg of calcium.

What should adults drink calcium deficiency?

Answer: What should adults with calcium deficiency drink?

Calcium supplements for adults

If you are unable to meet the recommended dietary intake of calcium, you may want to consider taking a calcium supplement.

The types of calcium tablets currently on the market are divided into two types: inorganic calcium and organic calcium.

  • Inorganic calcium is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Calcium carbonate is more marketed because of its high calcium content. It is best to take this calcium with meals, as it needs to be broken down with the help of stomach acid, which is more conducive to calcium absorption.
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  • Organic calcium includes calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium amino acids, etc., mainly calcium citrate. It requires no time and can be taken anytime, anywhere. Although calcium citrate contains less calcium than calcium carbonate, it does not rely on acid digestion in the stomach and causes less irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. It can be used for the elderly, children, people with malabsorption, people with inflammatory bowel disease, people with inflammatory bowel disease. achlorhydria infection.

Calcium supplements for adults

In addition to calcium tablets, adults can also buy functional foods when looking for answers on what calcium-deficient adults should drink.

What should adults drink calcium deficiency?

Answer: What should adults with calcium deficiency drink?

3. Note when taking calcium supplements

The above are suggestions for calcium supplements for those who wonder what calcium-deficient adults should drink. However, it should be noted that adults cannot supplement calcium indiscriminately. Too much calcium has many health risks, such as preventing the body from absorbing minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, calcification of soft tissues such as the heart and blood vessels, and kidney stones. , constipation and other problems.

The following points should be kept in mind when shopping for calcium supplements for adults.

Do not take more than 500mg of calcium at a time

Do not take more than 500 mg of calcium tablets in one sitting. If you need to exceed this amount, it is best to take it in several doses with an interval of more than 4 hours for each dose. Splitting calcium intake into several times a day on the one hand has a better absorption effect and on the other hand reduces conditions such as constipation and bloating.

Gradually increase the dose of calcium

You can start with 500 mg of calcium a day and gradually increase to the required amount, such as 1000 mg.

Drink more water

If some side effects occur after taking too many calcium tablets, you can reduce the side effects by drinking more water, eating more fiber rich foods. The calcium-rich vegetables as well as the vitamins we recommend above are perfectly suited to reduce the side effects caused by taking calcium supplements.

Consult your doctor when taking calcium with other drugs

The calcium supplement will react with some medications and eventually, it may affect how the calcium pill or pill works.

Therefore, if you are taking medications such as glucocorticoids, antacids, diuretics, antibiotics, iron supplements, epilepsy drugs, thyroid medications, etc., it is best to talk to your doctor. doctor before deciding whether to take a calcium supplement or not.

Combine calcium supplements with vitamin D and vitamin K2

It is best to take calcium supplements at the same time as vitamin D and K2 supplements, as vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium into the blood and vitamin K2 helps calcium to be deposited in the bones. The green leafy vegetables mentioned above are rich in calcium and vitamin K2. Chicken, pork, foie gras, grass-fed beef are also foods rich in vitamin K2.

You can combine a typical meal that contains a lot of calcium and helps the body absorb calcium and strengthen bones such as:

Drink calcium supplements regularly, be persistent

Calcium supplementation is a systematic long-term project, short-term calcium supplementation will not change bone mass but may only temporarily correct blood calcium. An improvement in bone density can be observed after one year. It takes a few years to achieve a better consolidation effect.

Surely the above article has helped you answer your question What should adults drink calcium deficiency? as well as what to eat. Because functional foods can bring some side effects. Therefore, it is best for adults to give priority to fresh foods with healthy processing so that the body has enough calcium before looking to functional foods. If it is imperative to supplement calcium through oral supplements, pay attention to take the correct dose, take it for a long time and observe the body’s response to promptly prevent side effects.

Calcium is a very important substance for the body. Especially at the growing age, it is necessary to provide enough calcium for height growth. Besides, to be healthy from the inside, daily exercise is not to be missed. You can choose home exercise equipment such as ELIP treadmill, exercise bike, .. to take the initiative in time during exercise.

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Frequently asked questions

Seafood, legumes, and dark green leafy vegetables all contain a lot of calcium.

Dairy products, nut milk smoothies, green leafy vegetables to help supplement calcium for people over 50 years old, calcium supplements for adults and calcium supplements for adults with specific types are listed below. Share in this post.

Refer to the list of 10 best calcium supplements for adults in this article to prevent osteoporosis, bone disease when aging begins.

Depending on age, calcium needs vary. But the general note is that you should not take more than 500 mg calcium tablets at a time. Take each dose at least 4 hours apart.

Any drug that is added to the body can have side effects. Too much can interfere with the absorption of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, calcify soft tissues like the heart and blood vessels, cause kidney stones, constipation and other problems.

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