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Rau má có tác dụng gì với sức khỏe? Cách dùng hiệu quả nhất

Gotu kola is a vegetable that contains many nutrients. This vegetable is not only used as food but also known as a valuable source of medicinal herbs to help treat many different diseases. With a fairly simple processing method, you can eat it raw, puree it and squeeze out the juice to drink or cook soup. Today, we will learn more about What is the effect of gotu kola? as well as how to use it most effectively in the article below.

What are the health benefits of gotu kola?

Here are the the effect of gotu kola For health you need to know:

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1. Cool down, reduce fever, cool the liver

Gotu kola is an herb with cold, new, and bitter properties with the effect of nourishing sound, clearing heat, laxative of the liver and detoxifying extremely effectively. Drinking gotu kola juice or gotu kola smoothie will help you have a beautiful skin and clear body heat.


2. Cure diseases related to the digestive tract

Gotu kola has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity, so it has a clear effect in improving the health of the intestines and colon. Besides that, The effect of gotu kola juice It also significantly improves constipation in both adults and children.


3. Circulatory System Support

What are the benefits of drinking gotu kola juice? in supporting the body’s circulatory system? Centella asiatica extract will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries to prevent bleeding and optimize the circulatory system. In addition, gotu kola also helps to stimulate and circulate blood to increase oxygenation in parts of the body and important internal organs, from which organs and internal organs work more efficiently.


4. Purify the body

As is known, gotu kola can stimulate the body to excrete toxins, salt, water and even excess fat in the body through the urine. This process will help you reduce the pressure on the kidneys and will help eliminate toxins quickly helping to return a healthy body and fluid balance.


5. Good for people with vein-related diseases

What are the benefits of drinking gotu kola? for veins or not? According to experts, gotu kola is especially good for people with vein-related diseases. With ingredients in gotu kola can help reduce swelling, circulate blood in the body and is especially good for people with diseases such as varicose veins.

6. Helps wounds heal faster

Gotu kola contains ingredients called triterpenoids with the effect of speeding up the wound healing process. The application of crushed gotu kola on the skin will help reduce swelling and cool the wound. This is also an extremely good remedy handed down in folklore and applied until now.



7. Enhance memory, eyesight

According to folklore, for those who want to enhance their memory and eyesight, just take about 3-5 grams of dried gotu kola, powdered and mixed with milk. Thanks to this way, you can improve your eyesight, increase your ability to concentrate as well as improve your memory effectively.

8. Support treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

In addition to the above effects, What does gotu kola juice do? outstanding or not? In addition to the effects that we have mentioned above, when drinking gotu kola juice will help support the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. With ingredients containing vitamin C and vitamin E will significantly reduce the risk of dementia-related diseases.

Harm when abusing gotu kola

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Although gotu kola is a healthy food but also has high medicinal properties. Therefore, you should not abuse it, too much can lead to bad consequences as follows:

1. Effects on digestion

Gotu kola has a cold property, so it can cause cold stomach and mild diarrhea. Gotu kola is usually drunk raw, so the processing process needs to be hygienic so as not to cause digestive disorders for the user.

2. Reduces the possibility of pregnancy while increasing the risk of miscarriage

Women who use gotu kola for a long time can reduce their ability to become pregnant and also increase the risk of miscarriage if used during pregnancy.


3. Increases cholesterol and blood sugar

Gotu kola has the ability to increase cholesterol as well as sugar in the machine. Therefore, people with high cholesterol and diabetes should avoid overusing and using gotu kola. In addition, for people with the above two diseases, gotu kola should be used in combination with treatment drugs to reduce the effectiveness of insulin and diabetes drugs as well as cholesterol-lowering drugs in the body.

4. Do not use gotu kola when taking medicine

When you use western medicines, you should not use gotu kola. The reason is because gotu kola can interact with drugs and cause drowsiness, anticonvulsant and affect your health.


5. How much is enough?

Is drinking a lot of gotu kola good?, Probably a question many people ask. However, according to many recommendations, even though gotu kola is safe, you should not use it for more than 6 weeks without a doctor’s prescription. In addition, people with liver-related diseases or a history of skin damage or skin cancer should not use it.

The amount used for a day by a normal person, recommended by scientists and experts, is about 1 cup of gotu kola juice/day, equivalent to about 40g of gotu kola back.

People who should not use gotu kola

As shared above, women who are in the period of childbirth and pregnant women should not use gotu kola too much. Women who use gotu kola for a long time can reduce the possibility of pregnancy. This vegetable also carries a risk of miscarriage if used during pregnancy.


People with high cholesterol and diabetes should not use gotu kola too much. Gotu kola will increase cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so you should avoid overdoing it.

Some dishes using gotu kola are good for health

Refer to a few healthy dishes using gotu kola:

1. Gotu kola salad mixed with beef

On days when your stomach is raging, you keep struggling to find a delicious dish, what’s more ideal than the mixed beef gotu kola salad? With simple ingredients, this gotu kola salad exudes its charm. You just need to lightly stir-fry the beef and then mix it with gotu kola, sauce and mix it up and you can enjoy it.

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Each piece of beef is soft and delicious, not chewy, mixed with crispy coriander. You can sprinkle some fried onions in it and eat it with shrimp crackers, it will be very mouth-watering.

2. Vegetarian pennywort salad

If you are bored with the daily meat dishes, try changing the wind with the vegetarian pennywort salad. You can combine with abalone mushrooms to enhance the flavor of the dish. The processing is quite simple, you just need to stir-fry abalone mushrooms and proceed to mix them with gotu kola and sauce and then arrange on a plate to enjoy.


With the fresh, crunchy taste of gotu kola, anyone who tastes the first bite will be delighted with the deliciousness. After that, taste abalone mushrooms or chewy vegetarian beef slices imbued with sweet and sour taste, extremely attractive.

3. Minced gotu kola soup

Do you remember the taste of gotu kola soup cooked with a little minced meat in your childhood days?


A hot bowl of gotu kola soup is so stimulating with the broth that is simmered from pork bones, so it has an extremely sweet taste, each toned minced meat ball mixed with crispy gotu kola eaten with white rice is perfect. on summer days.

4. Stir-fried pennywort with garlic

  • You pick up gotu kola with clean roots, cut them into short pieces, wash them and dry them. You take about 3 cloves of garlic peeled and smashed.
  • Then, put the pan on the stove, wait until the pan is hot, then add the cooking oil. When the cooking oil is hot, add the garlic and sauté until fragrant.
  • Next, you add gotu kola in and stir-fry and season with a little seasoning to taste, then stir well to infuse the spices evenly.
  • Finally, you just need to scoop the vegetables onto the plate and enjoy the meal with the stir-fried gotu kola with garlic.


5. Stir-fried pennywort with goat meat

  • Goat meat bought, you wash, then use a knife to cut into thin pieces to eat. Next, you marinate the meat with 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of MSG and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. The seasoning can be adjusted according to taste.
  • Gotu kola bought and picked up, washed and drained.
  • Onions you peel off the outer skin, cut into thin slices and then wash.


  • You put the pan on the stove, add the oil, then you add about ½ part of the onion and sauté for about 2 minutes, then add the goat meat and sauté it on high heat. Stir-fry quickly for about a minute when the goat meat is rare and it will be on a plate.
  • Put vinegar and sugar in a bowl, dissolve, season to taste so that the sweetness is just right.
  • Next, you pour in the rest of the onion and stir for about a minute to infuse the spices.
  • After that, you put all the gotu kola and beef that you have just sautéed in a bowl, then stir-fry all of them, season and taste to taste.
  • Finally, you put the fried part on a plate and enjoy it with white rice.

Thus, today’s article has helped you answer your question What is the effect of gotu kola? for our health. Hopefully, through the above article, you have gained more information about the uses as well as a few notes in the process of using gotu kola. In particular, you already know a few more simple recipes with gotu kola to have a meal that is both delicious and nutritious.

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