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[Review] Máy Hâm Sữa Fatzbaby có tốt không (Nên mua loại nào ?)

Milk warmers are a very popular utility item in Western countries and have been loved by nursing mothers in recent years. Using a bottle warmer helps mothers save a lot of time and feel more comfortable in taking care of their children. Let’s learn about the Fatzbaby milk warmer One of the best-selling products on the market today to take care of your baby’s health and safety.

Learn about the Fatzbaby milk warmer

About the device of the milk warmer

Review of Fatzbaby Milk Warmer

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For the modern woman, a bottle warmer is a very useful device in the process of raising small children. With a simple structure of only 1 body and 1 plug, users can quickly prepare nutritious food for babies in 3 minutes. Depending on the needs of the mother, you can choose a warmer from 1, 2 to 3 bottles at the same time with different compartment sizes. In addition, it is also possible to choose different types of machines such as water or non-water bottle warmers.

Product information

  • Trademark: Fatzbaby
  • Made in Korea
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Product name: Fatzbaby bottle warmer FB3002SL, Fatzbaby 2 bottle warmer FB3012SL, Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3027SL, Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3028SL, Duo2 electronic bottle warmer FB3223SL
  • Advantages: Luxurious design, quick steam heating, large capacity, suitable for many different bottles and provide a variety of functions from warming milk, warming, warming food, sterilizing to expressing Orange juice.
  • Price: less than 1,000,000 VND

Brand Fatzbaby

Fatzbaby is a brand specializing in the production and distribution of mother and baby health care products with high reputation and trusted by many Korean mothers. Fatzbaby’s products are not only supplied domestically, but have appeared popularly in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. In addition to the popular product, which is a milk warmer with many different lines, customers can also choose from other products such as milk bottles, humidifiers, hand blenders, etc.

Salient features of the Fatzbaby milk warmer

Variety of choices

The first advantage makes many people choose the product Fatzbaby milk warmer It is very easy to choose the design and function that suits your needs. That’s right, instead of just including a single item, the company has many different models to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Good price

Fatzbaby milk warmer products have long-lasting quality and the price of each product is also very reasonable. That’s right, just spend 300,000 VND arrive 1,000,000 VND Users can already own a genuine milk warmer product with a warranty.

Beautiful design

In general, the product has a beautiful design, convenient size, luxurious design that is easy to use at home or carry when going to work or travel. In particular, the product can automatically cut off the power when not in use, ensuring high safety for both mother and baby. With materials that are absolutely safe for health, the machine can adjust to many different temperatures and has an additional indicator light that is very convenient for users.

More features

In addition to heating milk, the Fatzbaby bottle warmer can also be used to keep food warm, keep milk warm continuously, or use sterilizing bottles before preparing milk and assisting in squeezing orange juice.

Detailed evaluation of 5 product lines of Fatzbaby milk warmers

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3002SL

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3002SL

Products are made from high-safety materials, are committed to BPA-free materials and meet international quality standards. The main advantage of the product lies in the fact that it provides 4 functions at the same time, including: warming milk, maintaining milk temperature, supporting orange juice extraction and quickly sterilizing milk bottles. With modern PTC warming technology, the product not only keeps the milk fresh, but also helps the food to be heated to the required temperature quickly.

In particular, the machine is designed to include a stainless steel water stopper, effectively avoiding water leakage. The machine is not only suitable for use with many different tank designs, but also has effective power saving features for users. However, the product only allows one bottle of milk to be warmed at a time, so if you have two or more babies at home, you should choose another product.

Fatzbaby 2 bottle warmer FB3012SL

Fatzbaby 2 bottle warmer FB3012SL

The Fatzbaby 2 multi-function bottle FB3012SL is made from high-quality BPA-free plastic that is safe for health. The highlight of this product compared to other lines is that there is an extra layer of Teflon designed on the base that effectively prevents the risk of electric shock effectively and prevents deposits and scratches on the product. .

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Therefore, when choosing a product, mothers will feel that the cleaning of the bottle is simpler and the machine also consumes a relatively low amount of power. In addition, when the amount of water runs out, the machine will quickly detect and cut off the power in time, so that the situation of burning the milk bottle or affecting the quality of milk almost does not occur. The product has a good working capacity of up to 400W, allowing quick heating of milk, effective steam sterilization. But in return can only warm milk, heat milk and pasteurize without any other features.

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3027SL

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3027SL

The biggest advantage of the product lies in the fact that it allows to warm almost all types of bottles from different brands, including wide neck ones. The reason is that the product has a spacious heating compartment design. In addition, the device has a temperature stabilizer, easy to adjust the knob from 40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius according to the needs of use.

With 3 functions of reheating, keeping hot and sterilizing baby food, the product is committed to bringing delicious meals. However, only one bottle of milk can be warmed at a time and users need to turn off the machine after use so as not to burn the machine.

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3028SL

Fatzbaby milk warmer FB3028SL

More superior than the Fatzbaby FB3027SL product line, the Fatzbaby FB3028SL electronic milk warmer has an improvement in temperature adjustment, completely using electronic numbers, so the accuracy will be higher. The screen allows mothers to use and operate easily in the night without turning on the lights.

The machine has a completely similar design to the previous product in terms of shape and size but differs in that it provides the function of warming milk or food from slow to fast according to demand. Besides, it has a long-term keep-warm function, preserving your baby’s food always delicious and hot. However, the device can only warm one bottle at a time, moms need to spend more time if they want to warm more solid foods.

Dual electronic bottle warmer Duo2 FB3223SL

Dual electronic bottle warmer Duo2 FB3223SL

Duo2 FB3223SL is a product of the Fatzbaby brand that is chosen by many people when it can heat both bottles at the same time and is easy to control through the electronic screen. . That’s right, the controls are fully touch-sensitive, allowing the user to quickly and accurately operate the required functions. In addition, the machine has a large capacity, equipped with a Teflon base layer to effectively prevent the risk of electric shock, protect the machine from scratches and no residue after use.

Compared with previous models, the product is arranged with an additional bracket, it is easy to pick up the bottle after heating and can automatically cut off the power when the water runs out, protecting the bottle and the machine from burning. Besides, users in addition to heating and keeping food hot, can easily sterilize milk bottles and utensils with steam. However, despite its high capacity and efficient operation, the machine does not yet have the feature to support orange juice like other models.

Instructions on how to use the Fatzbaby milk warmer

With a simple design and accompanying instructions, it is very easy for mothers to get used to and master the use of the machine through the following steps:

Put water in the machine

Fatzbaby Fatzbaby milk warmer belongs to the product line of water warming products, so the first thing to do before starting the machine is to add water to the machine with an appropriate amount. Suggest that the mother should put the water at the maximum level to avoid refilling water many times, wasting time. However, if you need to heat the milk quickly, you should reduce the amount of water to make the water heat faster.

Fatzbaby Milk Warmer

Put the milk in the bottle

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Milk stored in the freezer needs to be taken out first to convert to a liquid form, mothers should pay attention to store milk in a hygienic freezer compartment, avoid sharing other foods to ensure it is not contaminated and safe for the baby. . Pour the milk in the storage bag into the bottle then clean the outside of the bottle and put the bottle in the warmer.

Warm milk

After putting the milk bottle into the machine, the user proceeds to plug it in, then adjust the knob or manipulate the increase or decrease with electronic buttons (depending on the machine) to achieve the required temperature. The signal that the machine has power and is operating will be notified by a red light button. It should be noted that the machine needs to be turned off before plugging in to avoid electric shock.

For some models, you should pay attention to disconnecting the power after warming up to avoid burning the machine and damaging the machine when it runs out of water. This is also the reason why moms are advised to give preference to products with automatic power-off capabilities. After the heating is complete, the device will automatically switch to keep-warm mode, so if there is no immediate need for it, you can still rest assured that the milk is always ready for your baby.

Power off

One point many parents often forget is turning off the device, disconnecting the power supply after use. This is an important step that must not be skipped after use to ensure the safety of mother and baby as well as avoid damage to the device. In addition, mothers should regularly clean the machine with a clean towel and place it in a cool location so that the machine is kept clean, avoiding affecting the quality of milk.

What are the benefits of a milk warmer?

Should milk be warmed in the microwave?

Before there was a milk warmer, many women often chose to warm up with a microwave because of its convenience and being able to heat baby food quickly. However, this practice does not help the mother control the appropriate temperature for the milk and it is easy to lose the nutritional components in the milk.

Instead, heating milk in the form of a water bath is recommended because it can heat the milk while ensuring a source of nutrients for young children. However, this method is quite time-consuming and causes many inconveniences for the mother, especially during the night of the baby. In other words, warming milk with a microwave or a water bath has certain disadvantages, and that inconvenience can be completely overcome thanks to a compact bottle warmer.

Benefits of a milk warmer

Ensure nutrition in breast milk

Specially designed to provide heating of milk and baby food, the product Fatzbaby milk warmer while ensuring the process of warming milk is quick and convenient while preserving the full nutritional value of the ingredients.

Which Fatzbaby Milk Warmer is good?

Increase convenience in taking care of children

It only takes about 3 minutes to warm milk with a machine each time, which is great for the women of the family when they have to take on so many things at the same time from taking care of children, going to work to taking care of the housework.

Guaranteed absolute safety for your baby

In addition to being able to heat food, a bottle warmer helps milk to be pasteurized and heated properly. Moreover, the delicious taste of milk is always kept to the fullest extent to provide a nutritious, safe and quality meal for your baby. This is possible because the milk is heated through steam or heat from the stainless steel mesh, which is also one of the strengths of the Fatzbaby product line.


Besides the function of warming milk, mothers can also use the machine as a tool to sterilize baby bottles after cleaning with water and soap. In particular, the machine also allows heating other snacks when the child begins to grow older, so it will accompany the child longer.


In general, product lines Fatzbaby milk warmer offers many advantages to users. Parents when taking care of their children should, depending on the actual needs, choose the design and function of the product accordingly. In particular, because each machine has different functions, so it is advisable to pay attention to each machine’s own features to make the most effective use and protect the machine from damage.

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