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[Review] Nước tăng chiều cao Gtall có tốt ? (Đánh giá chi tiết)

Gtall height increase drink – The optimal support for Vietnamese stature

According to statistics, our country is classified as one of the four countries with the lowest height in the world. How to grow children optimally in height is the concern of many parents in the process of taking care of their children.

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It can be said that height is affected by many different factors, so to improve height, just focusing on sports and nutrition is not enough. Find out more solutions water increase height Gtall for children through the following content to help them develop more comprehensively.

The importance of growing children’s height

Is Gtall height increasing water good?

The lack of height is one of the leading causes for a child to feel self-conscious, ashamed of himself and inferior to his peers. Children who are stunted and weak are easily teased by their peers and do not do well in their favorite sports.

Not only that, stature also has a more significant influence in the future when it reduces a child’s career opportunities, and makes them not have the desired attractive appearance. In other words, focusing on height development for children is something that cannot be ignored and needs to be done in parallel with brain development for children to develop comprehensively physically and mentally.

Causes of stunting in children

There are many causes of stunting in young children, in which genetic factors have a very significant impact. As long as the father is tall and the mother is tall, the chances of the child being born will mostly grow well in height without having to care too much about nutrition. However, not everyone is lucky enough to possess the height of both parents when one or both of them are short.

In addition, the child’s nutrition from the period of pregnancy to puberty, the child’s eating, sleeping, resting and sports practices also significantly affect the growth of height. Parents need to pay attention to supplementing their children with adequate nutrients such as calcium, lysine, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 during this period. In addition, for children who are lazy to eat, have digestive problems or often sleep late, lack of sleep will not be able to grow well in height.

Learn about GTall height increasing water product

About Brand Nutrition Company

Gtall height increasing water product is researched and manufactured by Brand Nutrition Vietnam. This is one of the leading brands in the country focusing on developing product lines that provide nutrition for young children that are trusted by many people.

Brand Nutrition is a young company established in 2019, the company is known for two successful product lines in the market: G Brain nuggets and water increase height Gtall. The products provided by Brand Nutrition are certified to meet GMP standards for safety and quality. Each product goes through a strict production process, which is strictly supervised according to a closed line at Medistar Thanh Xuan factory, Hanoi.

Product highlights

With a superior and breakthrough research formula, the manufacturer water increase height GTall confidently commits to users “If used in the right dosage, combined with exercise, eating, G Tall will help you to grow taller by 4-10 cm/year“. Specifically, Gtall products have ingredients including many active ingredients that are able to optimally support the growth of children’s height.

Which includes the main ingredient Aquamin F from the extremely valuable Irish red seaweed combined with Nano calcium and a variety of other beneficial vitamins such as vitamin K2, vitamin D3. Products produced in the form of water have the effect of enhancing calcium absorption optimally than conventional products. It can be said that this is one of the great solutions to supplement children with timely and adequate nutrition to make the process of height development more comprehensive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gtall height increasing water products

Advantages of the product

Is Gtall height increasing water good?

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The active ingredients in Gtall’s ingredients have the ability to absorb almost completely and quickly deep into the cartilage nucleus to help increase cartilage elasticity and bone density. As a result, the product can safely and effectively support rapid growth in height in a short time. Right:

  • The product is made in liquid form, so it is highly absorbable and quite easy to drink for children
  • Ingredients extracted completely from nature, both safe and breakthrough in the process of increasing height (Nano calcium, Aquamin F red seaweed)
  • Height is developed rapidly thanks to the product that stimulates the increase of growth hormone naturally.
  • Supplementing the necessary amount of calcium in an easily absorbed form helps strengthen bones, creating a good premise for the process of height growth.
  • The price is affordable, suitable for many people who want to use it for a long time to supplement essential nutrients for children.

Cons of the product

Products need to be used for a long time to bring the best height support effect, can not help children develop outstandingly in a short time.

The main ingredients of Gtall . height increasing water

Is Gtall height increasing water good?

Aquamin F from red seaweed

Red seaweed is one of the very rare types of seaweed that is exploited in the ocean floor of the Mediterranean region. They often grow in fresh islands, far from human settlements and are difficult to exploit. However, in return, Aquamin F algae has a very high nutrient composition and is almost unaffected and affected by harmful impurities and is very safe for users. In which, the ingredient that accounts for 30% of nutrients extracted from algae is calcium, along with about 2% magnesium and 73 other important minerals.

Note here that the amount of calcium in red seaweed is organic calcium that is almost completely absorbed. Meanwhile, calcium sources from daily foods or nutritional products are often easily lost during processing or the body cannot absorb well. To make it easy to understand, using calcium from red seaweed is 10 times more effective than calcium from meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc., usually to help babies develop better. And regular use of water to increase height Gtall will increase bone mineral density 3 times than usual, helping the baby’s bone system to be stronger and develop more smoothly.

Calcium Nano

The difference between nano calcium and ordinary calcium compounds is that the calcium molecules are now super small, making the absorption process 200 times simpler and more efficient. That’s right, with the size of each molecule only 1 millionth of a millimeter, when using the product can help calcium quickly be thoroughly absorbed into each bone and joint cartilage system.

Meanwhile, the amount of calcium in the daily diet is almost only absorbed a small, insignificant part. Another advantage of Nano calcium lies in the fact that it has a self-removal effect if the body encounters an excess of supplement. Therefore, parents can rest assured that their children will not experience calcium deposition that can harm the kidneys, stomach or cause constipation. However, should consider using the correct dosage instructions to avoid waste and help children develop effectively.

Other nutritional ingredients

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 contained in the formula of Gtall height increase water work to support the optimal absorption of calcium. Yes, both of these vitamins work well together for the best results. Specifically, Vitamin D3 helps absorb calcium from the intestines into the blood and Vitamin K2 helps calcium from the blood quickly be brought into the bone and cartilage system.

L-Lysine HCl

The ingredient L-Lysine HCl has the ability to prevent the excretion of calcium in the body and promote the absorption of calcium more thoroughly.

Folic acid

In addition, Gtall height increasing water also adds an extra amount of Folic Acid to stimulate the body to increase the production of new cells. The active ingredient POS in the product supports the increase of beneficial bacteria that support the digestive system to combat constipation in case of excess calcium. In addition, the product also contains Magnesium to help increase bone mineral density and Zinc Gluconate to help children increase resistance,…

Is Gtall height increasing water product reputable?

Users can feel secure in the experience when the height increasing water product is a product that is FDA-certified in the US and licensed by the Ministry of Health. Products are allowed to circulate nationwide as well as can be exported to the fastidious US market.

Instructions for using water to increase height Gtall

Is Gtall height increasing water good?

In order to get the best effect of using the product, parents should pay attention to their children using the correct and correct dose of Gtall as follows:

  • Stage from 1 year old to 6 years old: 1 sachet each time and should drink 1 time per day
  • Period from 7 years old to 12 years old: take 1 pack a day and should drink 2 times a day
  • The stage from 13 years old and up: 1 pack per day and should be taken 3 times a day

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Note that the product should not be used on children under 1 year of age or if necessary, consult a doctor before use. The use of the product should follow the dosage instructions and especially need to maintain the habit of regular use every day, avoid skipping meals so that the nutritional ingredients are fully provided to promote optimal effects. Accordingly, the most appropriate time to use Gtall is after breakfast, adults can also use the product for the purpose of adding calcium to the body.

How to maximize the product’s effectiveness?

Parents in addition to giving their children more water increase height Gtall properly should be combined with other important factors such as daily nutrition, sports and sleep to achieve the best development effect. Specifically:

Proper nutrition supplement

In the daily meal, parents need to try to give their children a full and balanced diet of essential nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The long-term maintenance of a reasonable diet helps children to be fully supplemented with essential ingredients to serve daily life activities and to complement the process of physical growth.

Children should not eat too much compared to their needs or bias towards a certain group of substances to avoid causing adverse effects. For example, when parents feed their children more carbohydrates than they need, they are more likely to be overweight than their peers. In addition, it is possible through meals to provide children with foods containing many calcium components such as shrimp and crab, milk, eggs, etc.

Let your child get enough sleep

Is Gtall height increasing water good?

Sleep is especially important for the physical and mental development of young children. This is very noticeable in newborn babies, although they are lazy to eat and sleep, their growth rate is not inferior to that of their peers but also has a superior signal.

Yes, when babies sleep, the pituitary gland is very active and creates the necessary effects on the process of bone and muscle formation. Therefore, in the development stage, children need to sleep from 8 hours to 9 hours a day, should maintain the habit of sleeping before 10 pm, avoid staying up late.

Exercise regularly

In addition, parents need to facilitate and encourage their children to practice appropriate sports exercises for at least 30 minutes a day and maintain a regular routine. Movement games such as climbing, swimming, volleyball, jumping rope, kickball, etc. are also very useful for the development of the musculoskeletal system for the baby.


Generally speaking, water increase height Gtall is a great solution for parents to help their children have the best opportunities for physical growth. However, it should be noted that the product is not a drug and should not be used as a substitute for medication in any way.

Users should pay attention to using the right dosage to supplement nutrients appropriately, avoiding excess calcium which is not beneficial for children and can cause constipation, calcium deposits. During use, Gtall should be stored in a cool place, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight so as not to affect the quality.

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