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Top 5 Loại hạt nêm cho bé tốt nhất hiện nay 2022

The story of letting babies at the age of 6 months learn to eat and ensure nutrition makes many parents “sad”. The problem of eating for the baby is also somewhat lighter seasoning seeds for babies.

No matter how lazy the child is to eat or how to eat, the group The best baby seasoning The following also relieves the pressure on those parents. Let’s take a quick look around the 4 items below, parents!

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Is seasoning for babies important?

Seasoning seeds for babies Seemingly insignificant, but extremely necessary in the baby’s daily meals. The product not only helps to adjust the taste, making the dish more delicious and attractive, but also adds nutrients that are good for the baby’s health such as sodium, vitamins, fiber, and iodized salt.

Hot spring rolls for be the best

It can be said that these are the factors that make the premise to help children prevent goiter disease, increase resistance.

Whether the baby is easy to eat or difficult to eat, parents do not forget to add more products to the baby’s daily meal.

How should we use seasoning for baby food?

Most parents are now taking care of their children according to the right standards: the mother uses the family’s cooking seasoning to taste and taste first, then feed the child when it feels right. However, this way is a bit WRONG. Because the baby is at the newborn age, the nutritional regimen as well as the need to tolerate substances will be different from that of an adult.

Let's eat spring rolls

Please follow the recommendations of nutritionists so that your child’s meals become the most scientific, contributing to a balanced quality, good for the development of young children.

  • Children under 1 month old, at the beginning of solid foods should add about ¼ teaspoon seasoning seeds for babies every day so that the baby gradually adapts to the transition from drinking breast milk to eating.
  • A 1-year-old or 2-year-old child inching a little more than the previous stage is 1 part, ie ½ teaspoon of seasoning for the baby.
  • 3-year-olds have adapted very well to the way adults eat, so at this stage and beyond, mothers can rest assured that their children use common spices in the family and do not need to use special seasoning seeds. baby again.

2 important points mothers should pay attention to if you want to choose the right seasoning for your baby

Children in the first 6 months of life have a very weak body, sometimes even a small mistake can affect the health and development of the baby. So when looking to buy seasoning seeds for babies It’s best to be a little careful.

Nutritional ingredients

Hot spring rolls for be the best

The immature body of young children will be strongly affected if chemicals or dyes are used. Therefore, parents need to find seasoning seeds with benign natural ingredients, prepared from plants for meals, first to ensure safety and suitability.

Some types of seasonings are rich in nutrients with a greasy smell, so you should buy them for your children to make the dish more attractive such as chicken, fish, and vegetables. The next step, the mother will pay attention to the dosage in the ingredients so that the seasoning has a mild and moderate sweetness, the baby can easily adapt, and is suitable for the child’s digestive system.

Prestigious brand

Baby’s mom, you won’t have to worry about ingredients anymore when buying seasonings at reputable brands. Although we do not have specialized equipment to check each package of seasoning seeds purchased, the quality of the product has been verified and licensed, it is enough for mothers to rest assured.

However, remember to learn about that standard brand. Because the first few months of a baby’s life are not much, if it costs a little bit to buy seasoning, parents also try to invest.

Top 5 best seasoning seeds for babies – reduce stress for mothers – comprehensive development of babies

1. Ajinomoto seasoning with full flavor, mom is free to choose

Japanese Ajinomoto Seasoning Seeds

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

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The national brand of seasoning seeds for babies has announced the Ajinomoto brand from the country of the rising sun. Possessing the most modern processing and extraction technology, ensuring food hygiene and safety, which has been certified to meet GMP and HACCP standards from production to packaging and preservation.

Therefore, your baby’s nutritious meal will become safe and sweet like breast milk because of natural ingredients and bold taste when adding Ajinomoto seasoning to soups, porridge, soup, helping your baby eat delicious. than.

Presently seasoning seeds for babies Ajinomoto’s offers up to 8 taste groups:

  • Seaweed taste.
  • Anchovy wallet.
  • Tuna flavor.
  • Sausage flavor.
  • Chicken flavor.
  • Scallop flavor.
  • Vegetable shrimp flavor.
  • Dashi kelp flavor.

Product weight: ranges from 50g, 56g, 48g, 110g, 112g, and 120g.


Ajinomoto seasoning with ingredients including:

  • vegetable,
  • cabbage,
  • onion,
  • Fiber-rich plants are good for the intestinal system, the baby’s digestive system, avoiding constipation.
  • In addition, the product is also distilled the flavor and nutrition in beef and chicken to make the meal more sweet, fuller, and stronger and more resilient.
  • Along with that, it also adds amino acids, soy, barley, sodium, protein, iodized salt, protein, .. for a variety of nutrients.


Used to season the baby’s meal with more delicious taste, the baby eats well, but the mother does not have to worry about preparing it to suit the baby’s taste. Besides, it also strengthens the resistance, supports the prevention of goiter, heart disease, absorption, and digestion function stably.

To say that it is necessary to have a variety of tastes in order to grow up a “foodie”, moms just need to rotate the 8 tastes above and it will be delicious. As for the level of product prestige, the Ajinomoto brand must have nothing for mom to “roll and ripple” right.

Currently, product prices range from over 30,000 VND to nearly 90,000 VND depending on weight. A fairly reasonable price for taking care of your baby.

2. Wakodo nêm seasoning

Wakodo seasoning seeds

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada

Because of the fact that “Japanese products are really good to use”, we would like to introduce more seasoning seeds for babies by Wakodo. Products with their own taste, preserving the traditional secrets of Japanese cuisine for the five continents to enjoy.

The deliciousness, sweetness, and different flavors in vegetables are grown and cared for carefully according to the clean, safe and nutritious criteria of the land of cherry blossoms, making customers even more assured. trust when using seasoning seeds for Wakodo babies.

Wakodo seasoning powder has 46g in a small, cute green zip bag symbolizing the purity and purity of vegetables, like a cool stream, providing essential minerals for babies. While the baby is in the weaning stage, fiber, vitamins, and protein are essential nutrients for babies when they have to replace breast milk. Therefore, using seasoning seeds extracted from onions, carrots, potatoes with trace elements sodium and dextrin, babies can develop best.

However, for his hometown friend Ajinomoto, Wakodo is “more expensive” in terms of price. The price for the 46gr package is approximately 90g. But as an investment for children, money should no longer be a problem for parents!

3. Chicken Pigeon Seasoning

Chicken Pigeon Seasoning

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

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Let’s just look at what the country and the Japanese people can do to see how good their products are. So, we decided to introduce more seasoning seeds for babies Pigeon. Products with:

  • Vegetable extracts, yeast, cornstarch, cheese, and celery make the dish more fragrant, blended in every drop of soup, irresistible.
  • The rich, nutritious chicken flavor stimulates children to eat better.


  • For the food to be more delicious, the baby is not bored but is extremely interested in the taste of the famous brand in Japan.
  • Provides maximum nutrients thanks to trace elements such as iron, zinc, fiber, protein, protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, .. These are indispensable compounds in the human life process, thanks So the baby is not only full of energy and smart, but also has good health, a stable digestive system when the metabolism takes place quickly, prevention of heart diseases, malnutrition.
  • Helping mothers easily conquer their child’s fastidious palate with simple operations instead of seasoning with many other spices that are not sure to be nutritious and delicious with the rich flavor contained in Pigeon seasoning.

Comparing the price with the two compatriots above has not changed much. However, the mother will have more choices so that later when the child grows up, he can eat anything.

4. Topvalu tuna seasoning for babies

Topvalu tuna seasoning for babies

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

Wanting a smart child is what every parent wants. Therefore, at the first 6 months of life, parents should remember to choose Topvalu’s tuna seasoning for their baby. Products with the process of selecting tuna from the ocean to ensure the freshest as well as the handling stages to ensure safety and hygiene, which it seems that Topvalu has successfully preserved and fully saved the essence of deposited tuna. completely in seasoning.

This is not only an essential spice that enhances the aroma in each dish of stir-fry, cooking, soup, and porridge for babies, but also a way for mothers to supplement nutrition for brain development for their children.

“Superior” nutritional ingredients in Topvalu tuna seasoning for babies

  • Omega – 3
  • Kelp,
  • Dextrose,
  • amino acids,
  • The protein,
  • Mineral

Product use

  • Japanese tuna is highly appreciated by many scientists for its nutritional composition, including Omega-3, one of the substances included in the preparation of drugs.
  • Tuna seasoning seeds in your baby’s meal because it can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery disease, or obesity. At the same time, it also helps to increase thinking ability, improve memory, children are not only comprehensively developed physically outside but also healthy inside.
  • The nutrients and minerals are good for the digestive system, intellectual development, improving the immune system, ….

The good news for mom is that the product price ranges from nearly 40,000 VND to over 50,000 VND/50gr/pack. Any mother who is “stressed” about the expenses for her child can breathe a sigh of relief.

5. Massel seasoning for babies

Massel seasoning seeds

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

More choices for mom with products seasoning seeds for babies Massel is from Oceania – Australia. The product is researched and prepared from clean vegetables and fruits that meet the censorship standards in Australia and the quality has been clinically tested when being produced, proven to be extremely safe, and suitable for babies from 6 months and up. Candlestick.


  • No additives, no chemicals, no colorants, especially preservatives and fats, so mothers are completely assured when using.
  • Extracted 100% from plants including: vegetables, herbs, olive oil, added fiber and vitamins, iodized salt is good for the development of children.
  • Seasoning seeds are used in seasoning, adjusting the flavor but not losing the natural flavor of the dish.
  • Closed with a box to ensure safety and hygiene, easier to use. That way, mom doesn’t have to worry about preservation because just keep it in the box, open it up and put it in the dish until it’s cooked.
  • The plus point is that it is used for both vegetarians and macrobiotics, so it’s called 3 in 1. Children eat, mom eats and the whole family eats together.

Looking at the reality of goods in Australia, mother must be assured, right? And mom is more assured when the product price is less than 100,000 VND/box/168g.


In fact, in addition to the difficult children that make their parents miserable, there are many babies who have just been born extremely easygoing and easy in everything from sleeping, playing to eating habits. That’s why many parents find their children so easy, they just skip the dish if they give them anything seasoning seeds for babies.

However, parents should be aware that sometimes the food that parents are adding is still not enough nutrition for the baby at an age that needs to be fully developed. So choose the type best seasoning seeds for babies so that the baby’s body can fully absorb nutrients and develop better, parents!

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