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Top 5 Loại Nôi điện Cho Bé Tốt Nhất Hiện Nay 2022

The crib is an item that helps mothers look after their babies more conveniently and gently. Read the following article to know the best types of electric cribs for babies, which are bought by many people.

Nowadays, almost every family with young children needs to buy an electric crib to take care of their children. It is a tool that helps the mother to put the baby to sleep easily. The cradle even helps the baby sit and play, not fussing so that the mother has free hands to make milk and cook. That’s why the need to buy electric crib for baby always high. If you are also looking to buy this type of item, then do not ignore the article below.

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Is electric bassinet good for babies?

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There are many mothers who are interested in buying electric crib for baby user house. However, worried about whether it is good for children or not. In fact, according to proven research from Ohio University in the US, “the rocking of the crib is completely beneficial for the development of the newborn baby.”

The human brain matures gradually during its infancy. Therefore, when using an electric crib, it helps to soothe and reduce the child’s dependence on parents. A good night’s sleep with soft, sweet music can help children grow quickly and intelligently.

However, even though the baby is in an electric crib that shakes to quickly fall asleep, parents should also pay attention to the time of lying down. Only let your baby sleep in the crib for about 20-30 minutes a day. Otherwise, it will affect the softness of the child’s spine or lumbar region.

Types of popular electric baby cots today

Electric cot for baby A device shaped like a bed or a small chair. It is equipped with an electric system to automatically vibrate, helping children fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply. This type of crib is designed specifically for use by babies from birth to over 1 year old.

In addition to providing a comfortable sleeping space, the electric crib is also something to help your baby play. Cradles often have additional toys that swing to the rhythm of the vibration for the baby to hold or observe. Thanks to that, the baby will not cry and help parents have more time to work and rest.

Many studies have shown that the frequency of vibration of the crib has no effect on the baby’s brain. Therefore, parents can rest assured to buy an electric bassinet so that their baby can sleep better. In addition, people also divide cribs into many small types to suit the needs of buyers, for example:

Electric bassinet made from wood

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A type of crib with natural wood material and usually fitted with a motor system on the outside. This motor set has an automatic gently rocking function to lull the baby to sleep quickly. Wooden cribs are highly appreciated by many users for their durability and safety for young children.

Fabric electric baby cot

This is a crib with a frame made of steel, iron or stainless steel. Therefore, it is extremely resistant and has a large load capacity. Around the cradle frame will be covered with a soft and breathable fabric. The crib has an automatic vibration motor with many different modes to lull the baby to sleep.

Rattan electric bassinet

The cradle is made entirely of rattan rope material, so it has great elasticity and flexibility. The product is usually small in size and has an electric motor that rotates gently to comfort the baby.

Floor-type electric bassinet

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This type of crib is designed into 2 separate floors and has extremely good bearing capacity. Its folding frame construction allows the user to easily fold the cradle, disassemble it for transport or storage.

Electric bassinet with automatic vibration and music playback

Here is the sample electric crib for baby It is very popular and is found in many children’s stores. It has many different vibration modes and can even play music with an easy-to-listen tune. The crib is durable, equipped with a belt and mosquito net to ensure baby’s safety.

Top 5 types of electric cribs for babies are appreciated by many people for their quality

Today, there are many manufacturers of cribs that offer different types of cribs on the market The best electric baby crib, modern. If you still don’t know which type to buy, please refer to the electric crib models below:

Mastela crib model 6910

Mastela crib model 6910

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The Mastela 6910 baby bassinet is a crib with a tilting design and adjustable in 2 reclining positions. The cradle frame is made from metal machined into a closed arch to increase bearing capacity. The gentle vibration of the cradle helps the baby easily fall asleep and does not affect the nervous system.


  • Cradle chair is made from soft fabric, gentle for babies when lying or sitting
  • The crib can be folded and moved comfortably with small wheels on the bottom
  • The bassinet has an extra feature of listening to music and a toy hanger to help your baby relax and not cry
  • The crib has a 5-point belt to ensure absolute safety for the baby
  • The crib is suitable for babies from 0 to 36 months old
  • The price of the crib is quite cheap, so it is suitable for the economic conditions of many families


Mastela crib model 6906

Mastela crib model 6906

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada

Mastela 6906 is the line electric crib for baby Premium is designed in 2 sitting and lying modes. The cot has a 45-degree angle of inclination to create comfort for young children with cool, soft padding. The crib is also equipped with a 5-point belt to protect the baby’s spine, preventing the baby from moving and flipping.


  • The frame structure of the dome-shaped crib is sturdy and has the ability to close to protect the baby
  • The 6906 bassinet has gentle vibrating movements to help put your baby to sleep faster
  • The crib has a toy frame to attract the attention of the child so that the mother can have hands free to mix milk and powder


Vinanoi crib model VNN201

Vinanoi crib model VNN201

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

Vinanoi electric crib VNN201 is a specialized high-end crib for children from 0 to 36 months old. The crib is made from natural pine wood and is covered with a powder coating to increase durability. The bed-shaped design of the crib provides a comfortable sleeping space for young children.


  • The high wooden frame has a safety effect, preventing the baby from falling out while sleeping
  • The design of the crib has 2 floors, which can be converted from a bed to a baby cot
  • The crib is equipped with an electric motor system that works smoothly and does not make noise to help babies fall asleep quickly and deeply
  • The mattress of the crib is made of breathable, soft fabric that protects the baby’s spine
  • The crib has a hook to hang toys to attract the baby’s attention, helping the baby to play on his own while the mother is making milk


  • The selling price of Vinanoi crib VNN201 is quite high

KUB’s electric baby bassinet

KUB's electric baby bassinet

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

KUB is an automatic electric bassinet equipped with many different vibration modes to help babies sleep easily. The vibration amplitude of the crib is very small and light, so it will not affect the baby’s nervous system. The crib is made from high-quality materials with a sturdy frame and has a long service life.


  • KUB bassinet has up to 3 timer levels for moms to freely choose
  • The crib is also equipped with a light and airy mesh screen to protect the baby from mosquitoes or hot sun
  • The crib has a remote control with pre-installed music playback mode via USB or Bluetooth which is very convenient for moms


  • The crib can only withstand loads from 9 to 15kg
  • The price of this crib is quite high

In The Rain series Joie Serina cradle

In The Rain series Joie Serina cradle

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

Electric cot for baby Joie Serena in the rain is a type of cradle that is combined with a convenient booster seat. The bassinet has up to 3 recline angles to help your baby more comfortable when lying and playing inside. In addition, this crib also has 2 vibration modes to help the baby quickly fall asleep.


  • The crib is equipped with 5 classic lullabies and 5 nature sounds to help babies sleep better
  • The mattress cover of the crib is super absorbent and ensures the baby’s breathability when lying inside
  • The cradle frame is made of sturdy metal, good bearing and durable
  • The bassinet works on AC power or batteries so it doesn’t have space limitations


  • The design of the crib is quite bulky with a weight of up to 10kg
  • The crib has a high selling price, so it is not suitable for many families’ economic conditions
  • This crib model can only withstand a maximum load of 9kg

The experience of buying an electric crib for your baby you should know

There are many different types of electric cribs available at stores or supermarkets for mothers and babies. They are extremely diverse in color, design, price as well as baby-sitting vibration feature. Therefore, when looking to buy this type of crib, parents should pay attention to important factors including:

Brand of crib production

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You should choose to buy electric crib for baby produced by big and well-known brands in the market. This will help you avoid buying the wrong crib of poor quality and affecting the use process.

The level of safety of the crib

In addition to the brand, safety is also a criterion you need to set when choosing to buy an electric crib. You should buy a crib with a smooth vibration rhythm, a regular frequency and no constant jerks. The goal is to help the baby easily fall into a deep sleep, without being startled awake in the middle.

Materials to form an electric crib for babies

When buying an electric crib for children, parents should choose a type with a frame made of stainless steel. Because this is a solid material, with good rigidity, good bearing capacity and light weight. The fabric around the crib must be a cool, soft fabric so as not to block the baby’s back when lying down.

Features of the crib

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Besides the design, parents also need to choose an electric crib with other convenient features. For example, a crib with a cover will help protect your baby from mosquito or other insect attacks. The type has a music playback mode and a toy hanger to help calm the baby without crying….

Some frequently asked questions when using an electric baby crib

Electric cribs are now indispensable items in the process of taking care of young children of many families. Here are a few questions that users often ask about using this type of crib:

What should you pay attention to when using an electric crib?

First, parents need to choose a suitable place to place the electric crib in their room. Choose a place close to the bed and not obstruct when walking. The crib must always be within the sight of the parent so that you can keep an eye on the baby’s condition.

In addition, parents should also regularly check the condition of the crib and make repairs when there is an error. This will help prolong the life of the crib and avoid danger to the baby when using it.

Should the electric crib be cleaned periodically?

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The electric crib is something that babies come into contact with every day, so parents need to clean the crib periodically to avoid bacteria. Every 2 weeks, you should clean it once, using a soft and damp cloth to wipe the dust off the crib. Absolutely do not use strong detergents to clean the crib because it can irritate the baby.

When can parents use an electric crib for their baby?

The majority of electric bassinets on the market today are designed for infants. So, from the moment your baby was born, you can buy one right away to lull your baby to sleep soundly and deeply.

Electric crib can be used to what age of children?

Depending on the manufacturer, the usage time of the crib will have certain differences. Usually, electric cribs will be suitable for babies from 0 to 24 months old. There are even electric cribs that can be used for babies as young as 36 months old.

Should I buy an extra mattress when using an electric crib for my baby?

There are electric crib lines when sold that do not provide an accompanying mattress. Therefore, parents should buy an extra mattress to prevent this from happening. In addition, you can also use it to replace the mattress that comes with the crib when washing.

Thus, the above article has provided readers with the lines electric crib for baby best today. Hope the information in this article will help you choose the best crib model for your baby.

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