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Top 5 phấn phủ kiềm dầu tốt nhất hiện nay 2022

Worried every time you go out because your skin is easy to shine and damage the foundation? Read the following article to know the best quality oil-control powder.

Excess oil on the face is always a worry of many women when applying makeup. Because it can make your face shiny and make makeup bad. Therefore, use extra Oil-control powder is the solution to help you control oil effectively. However, not everyone knows how to choose and buy this powder. Follow the article below to know the popular powder lines.

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The reason you should use more powder when applying makeup

Oil-control powder (or Blotting Powder) is a powder that holds makeup. In addition to the usual covering effect, it also has the ability to control excess oil on the skin. Thereby helping to shrink pores and make the user’s skin oil-free.

What is the best way to cover the face?

Usually people with oily skin when applying makeup very quickly and easily get dirt on their face. Therefore, using more specialized powder will give you effects such as:

Absorbs excess oil left on the skin

The main ingredient of the powder is talc – a natural mineral that is not easily dissolved in water. Therefore, when using this powder, it will absorb excess oil but not moisture on the skin.

Keep your makeup base dry

Primers or foundations often contain a certain amount of moisture to help spread the cream more evenly. This invisibly makes the user’s face skin too moist and easy to shine. Use more Oil-control powder It will help the foundation on the skin to stay dry and not reveal pores.

Oil-control powder protects skin from dirt

The best part is to cover the top of the body

If the user only uses foundation alone, the moisture of the cream can attract dirt and bacteria. These layers of dust will stick to the skin and cause clogged pores and acne. Therefore, after applying foundation, you should cover with oil-control powder to protect the skin.

Powder helps make makeup not peel off

Powdered oil-control powder works to give you a smooth, dry foundation. Thanks to that, you will not have to worry about your skin cracking into patches or moldy face when applying makeup.

Distinguishing oil-control powders sold on the market

Oil-control powder is an indispensable product in the makeup cycle of many women. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the 3 types of powder below:

Powder form

The wife has to cover the buttons

Fine powdered oil-control powder has the ability to adhere to the skin to create a smooth and smooth foundation. It also helps to shrink the user’s pores and does not cause a feeling of tightness and heavy face. This is also the type that has the best ability to catch light in the form of powder.

Compressed form

Oil-control powder Compressed form is powder that manufacturers compress into blocks and put in boxes. A box of this type of powder will have an additional mirror and sponge included to make makeup more convenient. The compact powder has the ability to stick on the skin for a long time and cover major imperfections.

Water form

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Liquid chalk is usually liquid and comes in a box with a sponge with many small holes attached to the top. When using, you will have to gently press the cotton to let the powder absorb into it and then spread it on the skin. After drying, the powder will become a thin foundation, even coverage and make the skin more smooth.

Criteria to set when choosing to buy oil-control powder

Everyone has a different body type and skin tone, so be careful when choosing Oil-control powder. If you are looking to buy this chalk, pay attention to the following to find the right one:

Climate change

The wife has to cover the buttons

Climate is a factor you need to consider when looking to buy oil-control powder for your skin. For example, in the summer the skin tends to produce more oil. Therefore, you must choose a good oil-control powder that is not heavy on the face and has a sun protection index.

Meanwhile, in winter, the skin will reduce excess oil production, but it is more prone to dryness. So you need to buy a powder that contains moisturizing ingredients to help your skin not dry out when applying makeup.

Skin color

Whether you choose to buy powder or foundation, you must find a color that is similar to your skin tone. Thus, when applying makeup on the skin color on the face and neck will not be too different and look more natural.

Condition of the skin

For women with skin that do not have too many defects, you can choose powdered powder. Because this powder has good oil control ability and gives users soft and smooth skin.

On the contrary, if your skin is acne-prone, produces a lot of oil and has other defects. You’ll need to purchase a compact or water-based powder for more coverage. At the same time, it also keeps your makeup from slipping off after just a few hours.

Top 5 most sought-after oil-control powder lines today

You can buy yourself one Oil-control powder in grocery stores or supermarkets. However, if you are still confused about which type of chalk to choose, you can refer to the lines below:

1. Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder Type

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada

Innisfree is a cosmetic brand from Korea and is extremely famous in the Vietnamese market. Its line of powders is highly appreciated for its ability to effectively control excess oil. Not only that, it is also in powder form, so it is easy to stick on the skin and does not weigh the face.


  • The design of Innisfree No Sebum Blur is compact so it’s easy to carry around
  • In the chalk box, there is a mirror and small chalk for users to use easily
  • Innisfree No Sebum Blur’s oil control ability is at a good level
  • The price of chalk is cheap, so it is affordable for students
  • Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin types


  • The powder of Innisfree No Sebum Blur is not really smooth
  • The powder is not suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin
  • The quality of the sponge that comes with the chalk box is not high and it is easy to tear when used

Shiseido Baby Oil Control Powder

Shiseido Baby Oil Control Powder

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada

For those who like Japanese cosmetic brands, you can buy Shiseido Baby powder. This is a powder from the manufacturer of beauty and skin care cosmetics in the land of the Rising Sun. It is suitable for all skin types and absorbs oil quite well.


  • Shiseido Baby is a powder with an extremely cheap price
  • The powder is compact, so it won’t pour too much powder, causing waste when using
  • Shiseido Baby Powder has the ability to cover and not reveal pores
  • This powder has a mild fragrance and is pleasant to smell


  • Shiseido Baby’s ability to stick to the skin is not as good as other similar products

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by MAC

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by MAC

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

MAC is a famous American cosmetic brand and is loved by many users around the world. Powder products of this brand are appreciated for their good coverage. In addition, it also has a diverse palette with many different skin tones from light to dark.


  • MAC powder has a luxurious packaging design
  • The color of the powder when applied to the skin is extremely standard and has a high degree of softness
  • The ability of MAC powder to control oil is extremely good to help dry skin all day long
  • Compressed powder so 1 box can be used for a long time


  • The sponge that comes with this powder box is pretty useless
  • The selling price of MAC chalk is expensive, so it is not suitable for students

Face Shop Oil Clear Smooth & Bright Pact Oil Control Powder

Face Shop Oil Clear Smooth & Bright Pact Oil Control Powder

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Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

In addition to Innisfree, The Face Shop is also a Korean cosmetic brand that is loved by many people. Current Oil-control powder of this brand are made from natural ingredients. Therefore, chalk is very safe and does not cause skin irritation for users.


  • Oil Clear Smooth & Bright Pact has a compact design and light weight, so it’s easy to carry around
  • The powder is smooth and smooth when applied to the skin
  • Powder with SPF 30PA++ to help protect skin when going out in the sun
  • The powder has good coverage and perfect oil control
  • The sponge that comes with the powder box is of better quality than the cotton in similar products
  • The selling price of chalk is at an affordable level, so it is suitable for many women’s pockets


  • The appearance of the powder box is not very eye-catching
  • The chalk box is quite slippery in the hand, so the user must handle it carefully

Canmake’s Marshmallow Finish Powder

Canmake's Marshmallow Finish Powder

Order at Shopee Order at Lazada Order at Tiki(Genuine)

Last on this list is Marshmallow Finish Powder. This is a powder from Japanese cosmetic brand Canmake and is popular with young people. The powder is suitable for Vietnamese skin and gives you a smooth, oil-free foundation.


  • Marshmallow Finish Powder has a very good effect on controlling excess oil on the skin
  • The powder also has the effect of raising the skin tone gradually and making the skin not too white
  • The sponge that comes with the powder box has soft, quality bristles
  • The hold on the skin of the powder is quite long and there is little need to reapply


  • The outer packaging of the Marshmallow Finish Powder box looks pretty cheesy

Frequently asked questions about oil-control powders

Many women who are not interested in makeup are often quite confused about how to choose and use it Oil-control powder. Here are some questions related to this chalk that you can refer to:

Oily skin when buying powder should choose which form?

The wife has to cover the buttons

People with oily skin often face many difficulties in choosing to buy cosmetics. When buying oil-control powder, you should choose powder-based powder to make it easier to use. Because powdered powder is easier to spread than pressed powder and has the ability to quickly absorb oil.

People with dry skin, what kind of oil-control powder should they use?

If you have dry and rough skin, choose Oil-control powder liquid or compressed form. Because this is a powder that contains a lot of moisturizers and covers the skin very well. So it will cover the imperfections of the skin, making your skin more smooth, moist and beautiful.

What to pay attention to when using oil control powder?

The wife has to cover the buttons

Although powder will help reduce oil shine and keep makeup from drifting. But improper use will make it difficult to promote its full uses. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following things when using this powder:

  • Use powder only after applying foundation and before applying lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow
  • Apply powder with a puff or makeup brush to control the amount of powder
  • Apply powder from the inside out until it covers your whole face
  • You should choose an oil-control powder suitable for your skin type
  • Choose products with some good oil-resistant ingredients such as mineral salts, Camellia flower extracts, mint, green tea, etc.
  • Apply powder properly

Should I use oil-control powder instead of sunscreen?

A line of oil-control powders now has a sunscreen inside. Therefore, you can use it instead of sunscreen to reduce makeup steps. However, on sunny days, you should still apply sunscreen to better protect your skin.

Is it okay to use only powder and skip other makeup steps?

The main use of powder is to help give users a smooth and even foundation. In addition, it also has the ability to absorb excess oil on the skin and keep makeup from drifting and peeling.

If you remove the foundation and only use powder, the makeup effect will be significantly reduced. Because this powder, if used alone, will quickly fade away because it does not have the ability to stick to itself like foundation.

Here is information about the types The best oil-control powder loved and bought by many women. Hope the above sharing will bring a lot of useful knowledge to you. Readers can refer to the names mentioned in the article to choose the right powder for themselves.

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