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Top 5 Thuốc bôi viêm da cơ địa Tốt nhất hiện nay 2022

Topical medicine for atopic dermatitis helps to eliminate the symptoms of itching, redness, and discomfort extremely well. So which type on the market is right for you, let’s take a look at this article.

In our country, there are many people suffering from atopic dermatitis, this disease often shows unpleasant symptoms such as: red rash, itching, blisters, … causing many discomforts to life. Every days.

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If not treated promptly, the situation will worsen, leading to superinfection, leaving scars that cause loss of beauty. To keep these symptoms under control, atopic dermatitis topical medicine is the product that you should use!

Some information about topical atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis topical medication is an antiseptic solution, has the ability to reduce secretions & control well the symptoms of itching, edema, burning, redness, on the skin, … extremely good. At the same time, it also prevents infectious complications, skin superinfection is especially effective.

Atopic dermatitis 3

Currently on the market, there are 2 lines of topical atopic dermatitis that are most commonly sold, including: Corticosteroid-containing drugs & non-Corticoid-containing drugs. There are also a number of benign moisturizer lines, which still ensure the effectiveness of eliminating unpleasant symptoms for users, especially well.

Signs of atopic dermatitis

Before knowing how to choose to buy topical atopic dermatitis, you must clearly determine whether the symptoms on your body are caused by this disease or not. In order to ensure the desired effect and good for your body, specifically as follows:

  • Mild form: The body appears dry, itchy areas but not often. Not much impact on daily life, sleep & psychosocial
  • Moderate: Appears areas of dry skin, frequent itching, redness or accompanying exudative blisters. Cause discomfort, affect daily life
  • Severe form: Areas of dry, itchy skin spread over a large area. There may be bleeding, cracking, oozing, etc., making the sufferer feel self-conscious and lose sleep at night

How to choose the most effective topical atopic dermatitis

On the market today, there are many different types of topical atopic dermatitis, which makes consumers feel quite confused when choosing to buy.

I don’t know which new type is really good & suitable for me. Below we have revealed some useful buying tips, which readers can refer to and apply when looking to buy this product:

Select the use

When choosing to buy topical atopic dermatitis, you should pay attention to the use of the product that fully meets important criteria such as: Moisturizing, antiseptic, antibacterial, reducing itching, redness & anti-inflammatory or not.

A good product needs to integrate the above effects to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of this disease!

Select origin

To ensure outstanding use, it is best to choose to buy topical atopic dermatitis products manufactured by famous brands.

Topical atopic dermatitis 1

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Make sure that the product has a safety certificate from the Ministry of Health, distributed by a reputable unit – proving its origin clearly. Absolutely do not buy products that are floating, without a specific license or ingredient list.

Selection of preparation

Topical drugs for atopic dermatitis are made into many different forms, including thick cream, liquid cream, gel, etc., depending on the product. You can base on your preferences & skin condition to choose the most suitable dosage form. For oily skin, prioritize using atopic dermatitis gel to avoid clogging pores.

Top 5 best topical atopic dermatitis on the market today

In order to help readers choose to buy topical atopic dermatitis more easily & quickly, we have detailed statistics and reviews about the top 5 best products on the market today.

Please take some time to browse to find the right product for you:

1. Dexeryl


Order at Tiki(Genuine) Order at Lazada Order at Shopee

Dexeryl topical atopic dermatitis is a fairly familiar product to world consumers in general & Vietnam in particular. This product offers outstanding effects in moisturizing, improving flaking, cracking & softening skin extremely well.

The company has integrated the famous moisturizing ingredients for Dexeryl as follows: Glycerol 15%, Vaseline 5% and Paraffin Liquida 2%. In particular, the ingredient Glycerin also supports the skin barrier and minimizes the loss of water vapor – leading to dryness, cracking, itching and discomfort.

The condition of peeling, dry skin when dermatitis will be effectively improved by Dexeryl topical thanks to the benign active ingredient. At the same time, it also improves the skin to become healthier against the attack of viruses & harmful bacteria.


  • Liquid cream formulation, smooth, quickly absorbed when applied
  • Safe and gentle ingredients, even babies can use it
  • Contributes to softening the skin, reducing dryness & moisturizing the skin
  • Get rid of the feeling of itching, redness, and cracking that causes uncomfortable peeling of the skin
  • Moisturize & care for healthier skin


  • Contains no anti-inflammatory & itch-relieving ingredients, so if you have moderate & severe atopic dermatitis, consider another product.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide

Order at Tiki(Genuine) Order at Lazada Order at Shopee

Benzoyl Peroxide is a topical atopic dermatitis that many doctors prescribe to patients when prescribing treatment for mild and moderate patients. With a thick creamy texture, quickly absorbed into the skin, the Benzoyl Peroxide content in the cream will convert into Benzoic Acid. At this time, the kidneys will filter Benzoyl Peroxide and then excrete it in the urine.

The ability to soothe the skin, reduce itching, burning pain, redness & promote the process of stimulating the peeling of the outer horny layer of the skin of this product will optimally inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria. Thanks to that, the damaged skin on the surface of the skin will slowly recover & become healthier.


  • Creamy formula, absorbed into the skin more quickly
  • Special ingredients, suitable for patients with mild & moderate atopic dermatitis
  • Eliminates the feeling of itching, burning pain, swelling, redness & peeling on the skin very well
  • Promotes recovery and healthy skin
  • Works by mechanism to prevent the activity of pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the skin


  • Contraindicated for users with a history of allergy – sensitivity to the ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide

3. Dermovate Cream

Dermovate Cream

Order at Lazada Order at Shopee

Dermovate Cream is a topical cream for atopic dermatitis that many people use for short-term treatment, in order to optimally eliminate symptoms such as atopic dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis, … quickly. At the same time, it also minimizes symptoms such as roughness, itching, peeling, sebum, allergies on the skin, especially well.

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Dermovate Cream has a benign ingredient list, fully integrated with well-known active ingredients. In which Clobetasol Propionate is the main active ingredient, bringing outstanding use efficiency to users in inhibiting skin-allergic reactions.


  • Design liquid cream, quickly absorbed into the skin when applied
  • Highly active active ingredient, suitable for people with diseases of rash, psoriasis & atopic dermatitis
  • Direct inhibition of skin-allergic reactions such as serotonin, histamine and bradykinin
  • Minimize skin symptoms such as redness, allergies, itching & urticaria
  • Improve the problem of lupus erythematosus


  • Users who are having problems with skin infections need to be cautious before using

4. Gentrisone


Order at Lazada Order at Shopee

Gentrisone topical topical atopic dermatitis is a pharmaceutical treatment with the main extract from the active ingredient Corticoid Betamethasone Dipropionate. Thanks to that, this product can suppress immunity, reduce itching, anti-inflammatory & limit the excessive proliferation of the stratum corneum on the skin.

The company has integrated many famous antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients such as Clotrimazol & Gentamicin for Gentrisone topical. Usually doctors will prescribe this drug for patients with acute and chronic stages of atopic dermatitis to use.


  • Outstanding therapeutic ingredients, suitable for patients with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, exfoliative dermatitis & seborrheic dermatitis
  • Integrating many famous antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients
  • Treat & eliminate symptoms such as: Itching, inflammation, superinfection, dry skin, peeling, … extremely effective


  • Gentrisone topical atopic dermatitis will be absorbed through the skin, users should not apply it on a large scale & use it for too long without a doctor’s prescription.

5. Fucicort


Order at Shopee Order at Lazada

Fucicort topical atopic dermatitis is a topical product that doctors recommend to patients when there is a problem with atopic dermatitis superinfection or skin damage in areas such as hands, feet,… to everyday life.

The main ingredient of Fucicort is Betamethasone – a synthetic corticosteroid derivative. This is a particularly good anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive & anti-allergic active ingredient.

In addition, the company also integrates Fusidic acid – an extremely effective topical antibacterial active ingredient. Users will be treated for skin infections, reducing inflammation, swelling, redness, itching, … significantly.


  • Integrating a series of outstanding active ingredients, treating atopic dermatitis very well
  • Suitable for use in moderate & severe patients
  • Inhibits the process of inflammation, redness, itching, burning pain on the skin
  • Limit flaking, blistering, etc
  • Cheap price, suitable for most users’ financial limit


  • Users with a history of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of Fucicort topical atopic dermatitis should consider other products
  • Fucicort topical should not be used on infants or young children
  • Do not use the drug on a large and long-term basis without a doctor’s prescription

The most frequently asked questions when using topical atopic dermatitis

Of course, in the process of choosing to buy and use topical atopic dermatitis, it is difficult for users to avoid certain questions. Understanding that, we have selected the 3 most common questions to answer in detail and specifically:

What should be noted when using topical atopic dermatitis?

As a topical treatment for the skin, when you use the best atopic dermatitis cream, pay attention to a few factors as follows. In order to ensure outstanding effectiveness during use, and minimize unnecessary irritations – allergies optimally:

  • Clean hands and feet before & after applying
  • Limit exposure of damaged skin to direct sunlight
  • Regularly disinfect – disinfect the inflamed skin with physiological saline or specialized antiseptic solution
  • Adhere to the correct dosage of topical atopic dermatitis prescribed by the treating doctor
  • Do not arbitrarily change the dose to your liking
  • If you experience an unusual reaction, stop taking the medicine & contact your doctor for timely support
  • Use in combination with moisturizer to improve dry, cracked, uncomfortable skin
  • Limit eating foods that cause allergies and inflammation, making the condition more serious

How much is the selling price of atopic dermatitis?

Currently, topical atopic dermatitis is sold on the market with a relatively diverse selling price, most of which fluctuate in the range of 50,000 – 300,000 VND/product. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should base on your financial limit & usage needs to find the right product.

Where to buy the most reputable genuine atopic dermatitis?

To buy genuine topical atopic dermatitis, users need to go to a pharmacy, specialized clinic, and a large hospital. In order to ensure genuine quality during use – treatment. In addition, you can access e-commerce websites such as Shopee, Lazada & Tiki to make ordering more convenient!


Through the above article, we have shared information related to the top 5 atopic dermatitis topical medicine Best buy on the market today. Hope you will somewhat understand better & find the right product for you. If you are still in doubt, do not know which ointment to order. Best consider Benzoyl Peroxide topical atopic dermatitis Please. With a low price, benign ingredients and outstanding effectiveness, you will surely have a great experience with this product!

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