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Top 5 tủ lạnh Electrolux tốt nhất hiện nay 2022

Electrolux refrigerator is a powerful device that stands out for its high quality, durable cabinet, and integrated energy-saving technology. With the cost of each product being cheaper when compared to other home appliance brands like Hitachi or Samsung, Electrolux refrigerator It will have a “wearable and durable” feature, low cost but effective quality.

Overview of Electrolux refrigerators

Electrolux brand specializes in manufacturing and distributing electronic and refrigeration household appliances when it was born in 1919 in Sweden. Up to now, Electrolux is widely known, covering all over the world for appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines, stoves and home appliances. Electrolux brand refrigerators supplied in Vietnam market are manufactured mainly from Thailand and China branches.

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Best Electrolux refrigerators

The company’s products all have the same modern and luxurious exterior design. The product is highly appreciated for its decoration suitable for many kitchen spaces, when using the main color is silver gray, the surface of the mirror cabinet is tempered glass with beautiful gloss. Besides, the equipment uses the main material is stainless steel with high durability, increasing the life of the machine.

The design of the cabinet doors and the position of the cabinet trays are quite convenient when Electrolux brand refrigerators all use 2-door types, the upper freezer compartment and the lower cooler compartment. The 4-door type of lower freezer compartment can be converted into a refrigerator according to the needs of the user. Moreover, the Side by Side refrigerator also has an LCD control panel design outside the cabinet, a smart shelf tray that can be moved.

The vegetable drawer of the Electrolux refrigerator applies advanced technology when it has a Market Fresh Crisper function that adjusts the humidity up to 70%, helping to keep vegetables fresher, longer lasting. In addition, products from the company All have power-saving features, due to the integration of Inverter technology to help the device save maximum power, the machine is durable and quiet.

Electrolux refrigerator classification

Electrolux refrigerator are divided into 2 main types, including: Inverter refrigerators and Side By Side refrigerators. For the type of inverter is inverter technology, capable of controlling the operating capacity of the refrigerator, in order to avoid unnecessary power consumption. The biggest advantage of this type of cabinet is saving electricity resources by 30 – 50%, smooth operation, long-term durability. Using modern technologies such as Panorama, Ag Clean, Nano Titanium, … moreover, the Inverter cabinet will not freeze in the freezer.

Side By Side type is the high-end segment, integrated with many improved functions than traditional lines. Most refrigerators of this type have a large capacity of 400 liters or more, designed with 2 symmetrical doors on both sides with many food compartments. Side By Side cabinets use advanced technology such as soft freezing, automatic ice making, external water intake, antibacterial and deodorizing food.

How to choose the best Electrolux refrigerator

For the above information about the brand and classification of Electrolux refrigerators. Next, we will tell you good tips to choose the best Electrolux refrigerator, specifically as follows:

The capacity is suitable for the number of people and the storage needs of the family

Depending on the number of family members, food preservation needs and individual living habits of each family. You need to consider carefully, then choose the capacity of the refrigerator to best suit. For families with 1-3 people using cabinets from 150 liters or more, 3-5 people use ranges from 150 liters to 300 liters. The remaining 5-7 people use 300 liters to 400 liters. Over 7 users should use more than 450 liters.

Electrolux refrigerator

However, you can choose a refrigerator with a slightly larger capacity than the number of members mentioned above. Mainly still rely on the number of times to go to the market and preserved food per week. If your home often organizes parties or needs to store a lot of food for business, you should still choose a refrigerator with a large capacity to make the best use of it.

Choose a refrigerator style

At the Electrolux brand, refrigerators have a variety of designs for customers to easily choose, depending on their personal needs and preferences. For example, the top freezer refrigerator, this is a traditional model with the freezer compartment taking up about 1/3 of the cabinet capacity. This type is still the most commonly used by consumers. Compared to the common ground, the price of these types is relatively low, which can satisfy many families economically.

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Next is the lower freezer refrigerator, this design is quite smart and convenient. Users can get food in the cooler more easily than in a traditional refrigerator. After that, the design of a mini-fridge for use is suitable for single people, boarding students who need to use less.

The Side By Side refrigerator has a multi-door cabinet design, which is good for households that need to store and preserve food in large quantities, making it easy for you to take food out of the refrigerator.

Select the necessary features according to the intended use

If your family regularly stores frozen food or makes a lot of ice, choosing a refrigerator with a large freezer compartment will definitely be very suitable. In addition, your family likes to use fresh vegetables every day, you should choose a refrigerator with a large vegetable compartment, the ability to provide high humidity, it will be better.

In addition, Electrolux refrigerators are also equipped with many other convenient features such as: automatic ice making, water and ice outside, antibacterial, deodorizing and soft freezing, with 2 or 3 independent indoor units . You should consider to choose for yourself a cabinet that is most suitable.

Ability to save electricity

Most products at the Electrolux brand use inverter technology to save the most energy. When you buy an Electrolux refrigerator, you will no longer have to worry about expensive monthly electricity bills. However, the other features of the cabinet always ensure the most effective operation for you.

Top 5 best Electrolux refrigerators today

With hundreds of products Electrolux refrigerator variety of designs, features with different prices. However, if you want to buy one of the company’s best sellers, you can refer to the top 5 below, to quickly choose a refrigerator that best suits your and your family’s needs.

Electrolux mini refrigerator EUM0900SA 90 liters

Electrolux mini refrigerator EUM0900SA 90 liters

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The first product is the company’s current best-selling mini refrigerator, with the outstanding advantage of saving electricity, running smoothly and storing a lot of things thanks to smart shelf designs. The cabinet has a simple design, the cabinet door is made of shiny stainless steel, making it easy to detect stains and quickly clean.

The advantage of the cabinet is that the drawer is made of good tempered glass, the direct cooling system operates smoothly and saves electricity with a consumption of only about 0.55kW/day. The disadvantage is that the mini refrigerator line does not have many modern technologies, the ability to freeze for a long time. This product is suitable for single customers or households with less than 3 people.

Inverter refrigerator Electrolux ETB2502J – A 246 liters

Inverter refrigerator Electrolux ETB2502J – A 246 liters

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The traditional 2-door device is simple, the cabinet surface is covered with electrostatic paint to improve long-term durability, easy to clean when dirty. With a capacity of 246 liters, this Electrolux refrigerator is suitable for households with about 3-5 people. The company has applied modern Inverter technology to help minimize electric fuel consumption by up to 37%, but still meet the needs of fresh preservation of favorite foods or beverages for use.

The EvenTemp cooling feature provides multi-directional cooling, enhancing side-blown cooling. Make sure to maintain even air circulation in the refrigerator and freezer compartments with a constant temperature. In addition, this refrigerator also has a Fresh Taste system that removes up to 99.8% of moldy bacteria, eliminating odors from food.

The advantage of the product is that it is extremely energy-saving, runs smoothly, and the cabinet compartment is intelligently arranged and can hold a lot of items. Fast and even cooling, very good odor removal. On the downside, sometimes the cabinet will make a noise for a while and then it will go away.

Refrigerator Electrolux EME3700H-A

Refrigerator Electrolux EME3700H-A

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Electrolux Inverter refrigerator EME3700H-A has a capacity of up to 335 liters, smart design, helping you to comfortably store and preserve food in large quantities. The cabinet is applied with NutriFresh Inverter technology, which keeps food fresh for up to 7 days. Perfectly combined with 360-degree AC cooling technology Cooling cools evenly throughout the refrigerator, ensuring every position in the refrigerator is maintained with the most stable temperature.

FlexFresh multi-function cabinet design flexibly adjusts the temperature from -23 degrees Celsius to +7 degrees Celsius, you can easily choose the right temperature to preserve food fresh. Moreover, the new technology of TasteGuard deodorization feature, so that the interior space is always kept in a clean state, killing 99% of bacteria and mold, avoiding food odors.

With a flexible shelf system, you can take water and ice outside extremely conveniently. Ultra-thin ice tray makes ice making time faster and saves more cabinet space. The advantage of the cabinet is that it has a very large capacity, holds a lot of food but has a neat size. The 3-door design is very luxurious, but still saves electricity and effectively deodorizes. The downside of the cabinet is that it sometimes makes a buzzing sound and then stops.

Electrolux EBB3762K-Fridge Refrigerator

Electrolux EBB3762K-Fridge Refrigerator

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The cabinet has a unique TasteSeal soft freezer design that keeps meat and fish fresh at -2 degrees Celsius for 7 days. You do not need to defrost food before processing, saving time for busy users. With a huge capacity of 335 liters, you will have ample space to have a large amount of food, serving the needs of the family. Moreover, the tray is made of high-grade tempered glass, so that heavy food will not be affected.

Integrating NutriFresh Inverter technology, the Electrolux EBB3762K-H refrigerator downstairs contributes to maintaining a stable freezing temperature. At the same time, it still provides effective energy saving and quiet operation during operation. With the design of the water dispenser on the outside of the cabinet door, you do not need to open the cabinet many times and still be able to pour water quickly.

Smart ice tray, users only need to pour water into the container and then gently turn the knob to get the ice easily in the lower compartment. Thanks to the use of the TasteGuard activated carbon filter, odors from foods are optimally eliminated, killing bacteria, keeping the air inside the cabinet clean and fragrant.

Electrolux EBB3400H-Fridge Refrigerator

Electrolux EBB3400H-Fridge Refrigerator

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Electrolux EbB3400H-H refrigerator has a design capacity of up to 320 liters, compact design does not take up too much space in your apartment. Huge capacity helps you comfortably store and preserve food in large quantities. NutriFresh technology is a technology to keep food fresh for up to 7 days, combined with an inverter compressor to save up to 37% of electricity.

360 Cooling technology cools evenly throughout the refrigerator, ensuring every space in the refrigerator maintains a stable temperature. Twintech system with 2 independent indoor units in the freezer and cooler compartments, ensures the ideal temperature to preserve the freshest food.

The advantage is that the cabinet has a very large capacity that holds a lot of items, saves electricity, effectively deodorizes, and integrates many modern and most advanced technology features. The common disadvantage is that sometimes there is a buzzing noise and then it stops.


Here are the top 5 Best Electrolux refrigerators currently used and appreciated by consumers, so you can refer to it for more information. We also share about how to choose the most effective refrigerator to suit the needs of you and your family members. If you are wondering which product to choose in the top 5 refrigerators above, you can consider the refrigerator Electrolux Inverter EME3700H-A With an attractive price, fully integrated with modern technology features, it will definitely bring the ideal experience to you when using.

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