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Top 5 Tủ lạnh Toshiba Tốt Nhất Hiện Nay 2022

Toshiba Refrigerator It is one of the most preferred and trusted household appliances by consumers. However, with the variety of designs and different functions, customers are confused as to which one is good, how to choose Toshiba Refrigerator to suit their own needs. Today’s article, we will update and share details to help readers neatly solve these questions!

Toshiba refrigerator overview

Toshiba brand is one of the leading corporations in the world specializing in manufacturing household electrical products. Established in Japan in 1939, Toshiba’s household appliances in general and refrigerators in particular are mostly manufactured in Thailand. With many years of establishment, the group always improves and develops products continuously to meet the tastes of consumers as quickly as possible.

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Best Toshiba Refrigerator

Toshiba Refrigerator is always in the top of products that are highly appreciated and trusted by consumers. Always applying advanced and modern technologies to bring users impressive and convenient experiences when using. Along with that, the ability to store food is always very good and outperforms many other brands on the market. Featured with a variety of refrigerator capacity, meeting well for customers when preserving and storing food. Therefore, if you are thinking whether to choose a Toshiba refrigerator to use, you can be assured of the quality.

How to choose the best Toshiba refrigerator to buy?

Next, we will reveal to you in detail how to choose the most effective Toshiba refrigerator to suit the needs of yourself as well as your family members. Quickly pocket a few useful tips below to apply when shopping.

Choose the capacity of the refrigerator

The first thing before you decide to buy a refrigerator is to consider the capacity of the refrigerator to suit the needs of each family member. For example, if you live alone, you should choose a refrigerator under 150 liters, for 2-4 people, choose a refrigerator with a capacity of 150-300 liters. Cabinet capacity 300-400 liters for a family of 4-6 people, over 7 users, choosing a cabinet with a capacity of over 450 liters is the most appropriate.

However, this calculation is only approximate. Because many families today have a hobby of storing food in the refrigerator, go to the market once a week to save time. So choose a cabinet with a large capacity to better meet the food preservation.

Choose styles and designs of cabinets

Based on your preferences and space to decorate the cabinet, you can choose the style and design of Toshiba refrigerators. This issue is of interest to many users, because the product has a beautiful and luxurious design that will highlight your aesthetic taste as well as bring a higher aesthetic to the kitchen space.

Toshiba refrigerators are mostly designed with traditional designs, with 2 drawers, a freezer above and a cooler below, suitable for most people’s kitchen space.

Selection of advanced – modern technology

Although Toshiba refrigerators have a traditional design, all of its products are integrated with modern and advanced technologies exclusively at the company. Surely the refrigerator will bring high efficiency when customers use and experience. New features such as antibacterial technology, energy-saving inverter technology and multi-dimensional cooling technology, ensure quick cooling performance, keeping the best food hygiene and safety for you.

Top 5 best Toshiba refrigerators today

After grasping the above information, readers who intend to buy Toshiba refrigerators to serve the needs of food preservation for the family, please refer to the top 5 types. best Toshiba refrigeratorhas been classified in the best seller category of the company, which is bought by many consumers and has high reviews about the device, specifically as follows:

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – B31VU UKG

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – B31VU UKG

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The first product is the Toshiba GR – B31VU UKG refrigerator with a capacity of up to 253 liters, giving users ample space to store and preserve food. The luxurious and mysterious dark black tone will definitely highlight your family’s kitchen space.

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Applying technology, the inverter helps the cabinet save energy consumption up to 60% compared to conventional refrigerators, moreover, it also controls the operation of the compressor, helping to maintain a fast and stable cooling temperature. Limit noise and discomfort when using.

The arc airflow system of the refrigerator will bring cold air to each compartment to ensure that the food is cooled more evenly, fresher without worrying about spoilage. Along with that, the exclusive Ag + Bio technology helps to effectively antibacterial and deodorize food, providing a clean, fragrant cabinet without mixing food odors. In addition, the Aldehyde-based biological filter will support the deodorization of fermented foods such as soy sauce, alcohol, and sour foods.

Toshiba GR–AG36VUBZXB1 refrigerator 305 liters

Toshiba GR–AG36VUBZXB1 refrigerator 305 liters

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With bold traditional and classic design combined with mirrored cabinet doors and delicate brown tones, the cabinet surface uses a matte mirror surface to bring a luxurious beauty to your family’s cabinet space. With a capacity of 305 liters, the cabinet will be suitable for a family of 3-4 people.

The cabinet has integrated inverter technology to save electricity, operate smoothly, and the cold temperature spreads evenly and stably. The monthly electricity cost will also not make you feel anxious. In addition, the most outstanding advantage of this product is the arc airflow cooling technology to help preserve food fresh and much better.

The Dual Cooling Zone dual cooling compartment equipped in the product is also one of the latest and exclusive technologies of Toshiba, which keeps the humidity up to 70% of the food and fruit and quickly cools the dishes. Water bottles help you to quench your thirst in a snap.

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – AG46VPDZ (XK1) 409 liters

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – AG46VPDZ (XK1) 409 liters

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The refrigerator has a sturdy, strong exterior design combined with black color and a modern and luxurious matte mirror cabinet surface that will surely make you satisfied when decorated in the kitchen space. This product is suitable for households with 4-5 people using it because of its huge capacity of 409 liters. The trays inside this 2-compartment refrigerator are used from large tempered glass panels, completely safe to use without worrying about cracking or breaking the glass.

Despite having a huge capacity, it integrates Inverter technology for quiet and durable operation along with an extremely energy-saving Eco mode. As a result, you will save more monthly electricity costs. In addition, the refrigerator is also equipped with an arc cold air flow to help keep food cold evenly, more effective than conventional refrigerators. As a result, the food and fruit you store in the refrigerator will have a longer shelf life.

The LED Hybrid deodorizing and bactericidal system supports antibacterial and eliminates odors inside the cabinet extremely well, ensuring the health and safety of your family when preparing food. More specifically, the cabinet also has a Dual Cooling Zone with cold air flow from 2 doors, which will quickly chill your drinks and food in a blink of an eye.

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – RF610WE

Refrigerator Toshiba GR – RF610WE

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The product belongs to Toshiba’s high-end Side by Side segment, with a modern 2-wing design along with a smart touch panel outside. The satin gray metal cabinet surface will bring a classy, ​​sophisticated European-style living space to your home. The capacity of 511 liters is suitable for large families and specializes in storing food in large quantities.

Advanced Dual Inverter technology helps the cabinet operate smoother, save electricity with optimal efficiency, minimize noise but still maintain a stable cold temperature. The function of 2 dual indoor units Dual Cooling has the effect of maintaining humidity, cooling faster to keep food fresher longer. At the same time, prevent cold air from circulating between compartments, ensuring that food odors are not mixed together.

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Pure Bio technology with Plasma feature creates negative ions to help kill bacteria and mold from food to ensure health safety and keep food fresher longer during storage. The vegetable and fruit humidifier has 2 levels of humidity control and the flexible freezer compartment has 3 temperature settings, giving you the freedom to store a variety of different foods.

Refrigerator Toshiba GR–RF690WE–PGV

Refrigerator Toshiba GR–RF690WE–PGV

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The final product in the high-end segment of the Toshiba brand, is a 4-door Multi-Door refrigerator, with 26 separate compartments with a huge capacity of 622 liters, you can comfortably organize and store food. for his family. In addition, the luxurious mirror design of the cabinet brings a classy and aristocratic beauty to your family’s kitchen space.

Equipped with 3 independent and separate indoor units in each compartment, it has the function of cooling quickly in a short time, and at the same time prevents cold air from circulating between compartments. Therefore, food flavors will not be mixed and always fresh during storage.

Plasma+ Pure technology reduces activity, inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria, keeps the cabinet dry, clean and fragrant. The smart Convert Zone compartment allows you to flexibly adjust the temperature from -18 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius, from the freezer to the cooler or vice versa, creating a new and interesting experience for users when using. use.

With a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, the refrigerator’s soft freezer compartment will preserve food at low temperatures without freezing, saving you time defrosting. Thanks to that, when taking out the food, you can immediately cook the food, at this low temperature will preserve the deliciousness and nutrients of the food.

Advanced features of Toshiba refrigerators

A highlight of the most appreciated Toshiba refrigerator today is the advanced features and technology applied in all its products. Refrigerators bring outstanding efficiency, helping users completely satisfied when preserving food, fresh and frozen food, specifically as follows:

Rapid cooling technology

Best Toshiba Refrigerator

This feature works on the principle that the fan blows air from the indoor unit in the refrigerator body to prevent food and fruit from freezing. Combined with the automatic defrosting system to help store fresh food much better. This is a prominent feature of Toshiba refrigerators that are recognized by consumers after use.

Users will not need to worry about food preservation and storage problems because the cabinet’s advanced technologies help nutrients in food not be lost, ensuring safety for the health of all members of the company. family in use.

Safe antibacterial and deodorizing technology

Is one of the important features that make users decide to choose Toshiba refrigerators. Surely you will feel very uncomfortable when you open the refrigerator and there are all kinds of mixed scents like meat, fish and fruit together. At the same time, this will greatly affect the taste of food after you process it, causing discomfort.

With the Picoion technology of Toshiba refrigerators, it helps to separate ionic particles that have the effect of inactivating bacteria. Along with that, the ultraviolet sterilization feature absorbs Ethylene gas, ensuring the preservation of food always fresh, maintaining the freshness of the product up to about 7 days. In addition, Hybrid Plasma technology ensures extremely good deodorization, keeping the circulating air clean and fragrant. Most of Toshiba’s refrigerator products today are integrating this technology.


Above is our article to share details for readers about the top 5 best Toshiba refrigerator and how to choose to buy an effective refrigerator. If you are still wondering which product to choose from the 5 products above, you can consider refrigerator Toshiba GR – RF610WE belongs to the company’s latest Side by Side line, with attractive prices and outstanding features that will definitely not disappoint you.

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